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U-Boote-Modellbau von Revell: an interesting hobby with many facets

Submarine modelling is a very special field of plastic modelling. This can already be seen from the number of model kits. While customers interested in cars, airplanes or ships can choose from a variety of model kits, the number of submarine models on the market is comparatively small. The model builder can discover seven submarine models from the Revell model construction specialist.

Nevertheless, these model kits play an important role in Revell model building. Not only technology enthusiasts are fascinated by submarines. For historically interested people, submarine model building is also exciting, because submarines played an important role in the wars of the last century.

A ramble through the history of submarines

The technical development of modern submarines is reflected in Revell's range of submarine models. The Type VII C submarine is the submarine that almost everyone interested in technology knows. Class VII is the most frequently built submarine class in the world. With the production of the submarine type VII C/41 one reacted to the changed operating conditions. In order to be able to defend itself better against air raids, the tower structure was extended to a winter garden. The Revell model of this submarine shows many innovative technical solutions.

For those who are more interested in the latest developments in submarine construction, the specialists from Revell-Modellbau also have something to offer. The model Submarine CLASS 214 represents one of the most modern submarines true to the original. Authentic decals give the hobbyist the possibility to represent a boat of the Greek, Portuguese or South Korean Navy.

True to the original and precise down to the last detail

Connoisseurs appreciate Revell models because they represent the original very accurately. Every detail is reproduced extremely accurately and true to life. Of course, this also applies to Revell submarine models. Especially impressive is the Revell model of the submarine type XXI U 2540 in scale 1 : 44. With this model you can even see the inside of the submarine. In the model the left hull outer wall is separated. Thus the viewer has the possibility to get an authentic insight into the interior of this remarkable submarine type.

But also all other Revell submarine models invite you to an exciting discovery tour. Movable rudders, rotating flaktowers and detailed colouring fascinate every observer. The highly detailed fuselage representation of the German Submarine Type IX C/40 proves how exactly Revell works. The rivet and weld seam structure is reproduced filigree on the model. 

submarine models buy made easy

Model builders who are enthusiastic about submarines will find seven attractive Revell model kits in the model shop. Each individual model is carefully described. The description tells you what historical significance the different submarines have. In addition, the important technical data are listed.

Hobbyists who have little experience with submarine modeling should use the filter function to find the right Revell modeling level. If you are looking for a present for a young hobbyist, you should follow the age recommendation, which is also given in the description. The gift can be easily ordered online in the model shop and will be sent to the desired address within 1 to 3 days.