Ships for the domestic harbour

Many people dream of an extended boat trip. They want to cross the seas of this world and enjoy the magnificent view of the wild waves. Others are enthusiastic about certain types of ships, such as sailing ships, military ships or submarines, and are interested in the looks and functions of these fascinating means of transport. In both cases, Revell's true-to-detail model ships are a special challenge for hobbyists and a beautiful eye-catcher in the private glass cabinet or on the bookshelf.

Sailing ships - the model building classics

One of the most popular model ships is undoubtedly a sailing ship. They do not only offer special craft fun but also form a beautiful eye-catcher in the home four walls. This is mainly due to the protruding sails. At Revell Modellbau there are some model sailing ships to buy, which convince qualitatively and visually all around. Beginners are well advised to use simple kits like the Spanish Galleon. For model building professionals there are also very complex sailing ships like the Black Pearl from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". Many other well-known ship models like the H.M.S. Bounty or the legendary Santa Maria are waiting for lovers of high-quality model sailing ships.

Civil model ships

Just as popular as sailing ships are civil ships in miniature format. Of course, especially historically significant models are very popular. The R.M.S. Titanic should be mentioned in this context. She is probably the most famous passenger ship in the world and everyone knows her demise - not least because of the famous film that deals with the tragedy. Among the civilian ships that are available in the wide-ranging model shop of Revell in miniature format are the AIDA, the Queen Mary 2 and also the Queen Elizabeth 2.

Attractive military ships and submarines in the shop

In addition to sailing ships and civilian ships, the Revell Modellbau range also includes several military ships and submarines. The military ships are always based on a very exciting story, which can be read in a short summary by clicking on the desired product. Among the most popular model ships are the Bismarck, the U.S.S. Enterprise and the U.S.S. Missouri. Anyone who warms up for submarines will also discover several spectacular models in Revell's model shop, such as the German Submarine Type IX C/40 or the Submarine CLASS 214, which is one of the most modern submarines in the world.

Properties of the model ships of Revell

All Revell model ships are carefully made of plastic. They inspire with their ingenious details. Anyone who not only wants to set up the finished models for decorative purposes but also wants to see them in motion will benefit, for example, from the submarines, which feature great details such as movable snorkels and deep rudders. In general, Revell models are designed with a great deal of detail. So you can look at the ship again and again and still regularly discover new features that fascinate.

Tip: When buying, you should pay attention to the degree of difficulty. Revell Modellbau offers ships with levels of difficulty from 2 to 5. Beginners are best advised to choose a level 2 model, while advanced and professional model builders can also try their hand at the more difficult model ships.