Model building fun for beginners and professionals

Revell Modellbau offers fun and games for young and old. From airplanes to cars to spaceships: everyone can recreate their dreams here. Exciting craft afternoons are guaranteed with simple and intuitive assembly. But the greatest fun is when the beloved model is finally released into the air, into the water or onto the road.

Model building for all ages and experience levels

Revell is the undisputed market leader in model building in Germany with a market share of 70% - and not without reason. The Revell kits set quality standards in plastic model making. The models are characterized by high accuracy of fit and attention to detail, indispensable for every model builder. The precise and clear assembly instructions ensure lasting and continuous craft fun. Something special is the Revell Skill Level: In several steps you can see how demanding the construction of a model is. So there are the right Revell kits for the beginner as well as for the experienced craft professional. And with the Revell Junior Kit even the little ones can do their handicrafts with.

Revell plastic model making on land, at sea and in the air

The Revell model building models come in a variety of model and color combinations. Whether you are a fan of airplanes, helicopters or space ships, ships or military vehicles, cars or buses - with the multitude of kits, everyone gets their money's worth. This includes detailed replicas of real classics as well as impressive models of current vehicles or even fictitious models. In the "Car" category, for example, there is the legendary VW Transporter 1, which already adorns countless desks. The Samba model, consisting of 173 individual parts, features a multi-part body as well as movable doors and flaps. The original four-cylinder engine is also reproduced. Who has a weakness for military and ships should not miss the demanding replica of the warship "Bismarck". The Bismarck was the largest and most modern battleship in the Second World War. Today the legend can be rebuilt with 659 individual parts, and the legendary battle against the British Hood is revived.

With Revell into space

Science fiction fans also get their money's worth at Revell Modellbau: The legendary Star Trek ship U.S.S. Enterprise Into Darkness brings back memories of Captain Kirk and Spock for every fan. The model stands out for its many details: It has a separate command bridge as well as multi-part warp nacelles in which the pylons are separately recognizable. The kit can even be illuminated with appropriate additional equipment. The Revell gift sets are ideal for those who want to give their loved ones a special treat. They are structured according to certain themes and are therefore a thing for real fans. BMW fans, for example, get their money's worth with the "100 Years of BMW" gift set. The set includes the beautifully designed BMW 507 classic car and the futuristic BMW i8. The Model Sets category also includes packages on specific topics, such as the TIE fighters from the Star Wars series. If you've found the right model for you, you can buy your model kit here directly in the Revell Online Shop - and nothing stands in the way of fun with handicrafts.