Revell: the world of technology in miniature format

Model building is a hobby that has inspired technology lovers of all ages for decades. If you take a closer look at this exciting field, you will soon see that model building with Revell kits is much more than just handicrafts. This leisure activity has many facets.

Many model makers are particularly interested in a special area of technology. While some model builders are enthusiastic about model airplanes, another group is interested in everything that has to do with seafaring. Others, on the other hand, fulfil the wish for their dream car or vintage cars worth seeing by collecting model cars. Citroen 2CV Charleston or Bentley 4.5L Blower - model cars from Revell make the hearts of enthusiastic model builders in Germany and many other countries of the world beat faster, because they are distinguished by faithful design down to the smallest detail.

Immerse yourself in the history of technology

The history of the individual aircraft, ships or cars is at least as exciting as the technical details. While building and doing handicrafts, the model maker learns a lot about historical events and the history of technology. Customers who are particularly interested in aircraft technology in the First or Second World Wars can search for the desired historical subject areas in the Revell model shop.

Modern passenger aircraft or famous representatives of military aviation technology are of course also represented in the extensive Revell range. For all technology lovers who are interested in space travel and science fiction, the specialists at Revell have developed a whole range of breathtaking models. Star Trek fans are guaranteed to love the U.S.S. Voyager model. Also impressive is the replica of Space Shuttle & Boeing 747 in scale 1:144. If you want to see the original, you can find it today in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington.

Model making that stands out for its attention to detail and precision

Most model makers are perfectionists. Their ambitious goal is to build every model as accurately as possible. With the Revell model kits it is realistic to put this project into practice. It doesn't matter whether it's the model of the dream car, a certain aircraft or a historically interesting ship. Every hobbyist who has already tried his hand at ship model building knows only too well how many details have to be taken into account when building such models. The deck superstructures alone require a lot of work and care so that the model corresponds to the model in every respect.

The Revell kits meet these high demands. The high-quality models not only have the right outward appearance - even technical details such as spare wheels or typical leaf springs are reproduced precisely and extremely filigree. With the corresponding colours, which are also offered in the model shop, the lifelike replica is perfect.

Beginners or professionals: everyone will find the right model here.

Many model builders discover their passion for model cars or ship modelling as early as their childhood or adolescence. That is why there is an age recommendation for each model. In addition, the level is indicated in the detailed product description. This makes it easy to see whether the product in question is suitable for beginners or requires more experience in model making.