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Airbrush is an efficient method for painting miniatures in plastic modelling quickly and precisely. With an airbrush gun, smooth transitions, camouflage patterns and accentuations can be easily created and large areas can be quickly worked on. In Revell model building, the use of airbrush guns is ideal for painting large quantities of figures, vehicles and buildings in a short time.

An airbrush gun sprays layers of paint onto the surface to be painted using compressed air. In plastic modelling, a handy version is usually used that is connected to a compressor via a hose. The compressor supplies the spray gun with compressed air. The spray gun has a filler-like construction in which there is a paint pot that can be unscrewed. By operating a lever, the paint is fed from the pot to the compressed air and sprayed through the spray gun onto the corresponding surface.


For beginners, the Revell model shop offers complete airbrush sets that contain all the necessary utensils to start spraying straight away. A high-quality compressor makes painting with an airbrush much easier and prevents paint residues from drying. For cleaning the airbrush gun, the model shop offers practical accessories such as the Airbrush Email Clean cleaner and the cleaning set.

With an airbrush gun and the right accessories, plastic modelling can be done quickly and efficiently, leaving hobbyists time for new projects.