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Revell Model Making: Space, Space Travel & Sci-Fi

Experience the future with model space ships

"Space. Infinite reaches...". Even if the year 2200 has not yet arrived, you can already fly through the galaxies, at least in your imagination. Hobbyists can bring the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 into their homes as a model - an absolute must for Star Trek fans and spaceship lovers. Various Starfleet models are available in the "Space Modeling" category of the Revell store. The U.S.S. Voyager is replicated down to the smallest detail and ready to track down the Maquis or explore the unexplored areas of the Delta Quadrant. Or perhaps sci-fi fans will keep this gem in a special collector's spot. But the Revell model starship lineup doesn't just hold collector's items for fans of the earlier Star Trek episodes and movies, as evidenced by the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from the twelfth feature film, "Into Darkness."

True-to-scale space modeling in the Revell shop

The model developers also take on reality: At Revell, among other things, the model space shuttle Atlantis is available. The original was developed by the US space agency NASA and completed in April 1984. In October 1985, Atlantis took off on its maiden flight. Today, OV-104, as the shuttle is known internally, can move into the four walls of fans and collectors. Space professionals know, of course, that Atlantis is not the only significant space model. The Apollo Saturn V is also of great importance. It is not only the galactic size of the powerful launch system that is impressive, but also the historical background: with Saturn V, mankind's most significant voyage to date took place in 1969. Lovers can recreate the moon landing on a scale of 1:144. In the Revell store, true-to-scale space models are available, with the smallest details.

Experience the history of space travel with model making

When looking at the history of space travel, it is noticeable that there is a whole wealth of relevant events - all accompanied by different spaceships, ferries and space shuttles. In the Revell store, collectors can preserve a part of this history. In the "Model Space Ship" category, for example, you can find the converted Boeing 747-123 with the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft 905 on its back. Known as Enterprise, the shuttle represents the prototype of the later space shuttle Discovery. Discovery is also available in 1:144 scale, including booster. In the original, the Discovery shuttle weighs 2,005 tons and can carry a payload of up to 30 tons to an altitude of 965 kilometers above the Earth. While the model spaceship obviously can't achieve this impressive feat, it's still a great way to stimulate the imagination and inspire enthusiasm for space travel and sci-fi.

Revell Modellbau - Space Models for All Ages The extensive range of spaceship models in the Revell model store is aimed at model enthusiasts of all ages. Whether for fans, collectors, hobbyists of model building or children with a passion - the model spaceships from the Revell store are an ideal gift and offer a perfect hobby for fathers and sons.