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Scale: 1:100

Product number: 64951
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Scale: 1:100

Product number: 64985
14,99 € *

Scale: 1:72

Product number: 63898
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Scale: 1:144

Product number: 63970
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Scale: 1:48

Product number: 63907
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Scale: 1:72

Product number: 63897
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Scale: 1:1120

Product number: 65128
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Scale: 1:32

Product number: 67680
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Scale: 1:72

Product number: 63955
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Scale: 1:72

Product number: 63981
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Scale: 1:144

Product number: 64846
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Scale: 1:25

Product number: 67188
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Revell Model Sets for Lovers

In the Model Set category from Revell you will find a wide range of different model kits. Collectors of different categories will find exciting model building sets according to their personal interests. Whether submarines, classic cars, helicopters or airplanes - even Star Wars model building sets are available in the shop.

Buying detailed flagships as model building sets

Model ships are among the pioneers of model building. Due to their special details, they provide a lot of pleasure for the hobby. For example the flagship of Admiral Nelson: The famous HMS Victory from 1805 is available in scale 1:450. The model construction set includes the complete set from the plastic model construction. Aqua-Color colours, brushes and the necessary adhesive are included in the scope of delivery. In the Revell Model Building Sets category you will find not only high-quality flagships but also historic submarines. For example the model set German Submarine Type XXIII. With this set the German Kriegsmarinen coastal submarine is created, which was used at the end of the Second World War. The detailed surface structures inspire young and old. Lovers of large passenger ships can take the impressive Queen Mary home on a scale of 1:1200. She is the largest, longest and highest ship ever built and has been cruising the Atlantic since April 2004.

Helicopters, Eurofighters and passenger planes - the kings of the skies

As a specialist for high-quality plastic model building, Revell offers more than just watercraft and underwater vehicles in the model building sets category. Revell inspires enthusiasts of the air and presents exciting model kits with a focus on helicopters, Eurofighters or passenger aircraft. In the Shop collectors find among other things the high performance multiroll combat aircraft Eurofighter bronze tiger in the graduation of 1:144. The fantastische lacquer finish inspires just like the finely structured surface. A total of 79 parts make up the world's currently most advanced and most powerful combat helicopter: the AH-64 D Longbow Apache is also available in 1:144 scale for enthusiasts and collectors. Other interesting models from the model building sets category include the Hawker Hurricane Mk.II and the Spitfire Mk.IIa model set.

Just the thing for car lovers

Hobbyists who are interested in modern cars or classic cars will also find many attractive offers in the wide selection of model sets. The Porsche 934 RSB "Vaillant" model set captivates in scale 1:24. For Opel collectors, the legendary GT is an eye-catcher. The movable wheels and the one-piece, very detailed body are complemented by various realistic-looking license plates in the form of decals. Besides there is also the VW Beetle Cabriolet '70 with a length of 171mm. The original, detail-loving body and the movable bonnet are a source of enthusiasm. This model car can be assembled either with open or closed roof, also a subsequent change is possible.

Buy model construction set in the Revell model construction shop

The attractive model building sets from the model building shop inspire hobbyists of different age groups. All sets contain the necessary components for immediate assembly of the individual model kits. The sets also contain different colours and brushes. The instructions facilitate the assembly and thus also allow the newcomers among the collectors immediate experiences of success. Enthusiasm is guaranteed in the extensive category, among the different sets there is something for every model building lover.

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