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Revell Modellbau offers a wide range of paints and adhesives suitable for different materials and applications. The plastic modelling paints are available in a variety of shades, including black, red, blue, yellow, green, grey, orange, purple, silver and gold. Whether it's Enamel Color, Aqua Color or Spray Color, the model building paints offer countless possibilities for creativity. The building instructions provide detailed guidance on how to use the right shades for each project.

Revell Color is a durable synthetic resin enamel paint used for the surface treatment of plastic models. The special material texture protects the plastics from damage and ensures a high-quality look for many years. The plastic modelling paints are also suitable for painting other materials and can be combined with each other.

The Aqua Color series offers a wide range of 88 colour shades that can be diluted with water as desired. The mild-odour and non-flammable properties make them ideal for model making. Drying time is about two to three hours and the paint can be recoated after 60 minutes.

Revell's spray paints are characterised by fast drying and high opacity. They are suitable for use in plastic modelling as well as other areas such as plastic, wood, metal, ceramics and polycarbonate. The acrylic spray paints are particularly scratch-resistant and are ideal for painting RC car bodies.

In addition to first-class modeling paints, Revell also offers a wide range of accessories, including various modeling glues such as Contacta Liquid and Contacta Liquid Spezial. The Contacta Glue and Contacta Professional Glue round off the range in the model-making glue segment.

As a demanding modeller and Revell fan, you can be sure that you will always achieve the best result with our modelling paints and glues as well as our accessories.