Military & Figures - pure fascination from Revell

The Revell figures from the Military & Figures category fascinate young and adult model-building fans alike. Whether it's vehicles from the First or Second World Wars, soldier figures or historical figures from the wars of earlier times - the models impress with their perfect, detailed conception.

Functionality, first class and attention to detail

The exquisite model series authentically depicts past times from armoured combat vehicles and traction vehicles to motorcycles and soldier figures. For example, it is extremely exciting to hold the Revell model of the middle traction vehicle of the German Wehrmacht in your hands. This half-track vehicle was used in particular as an artillery tractor during the Second World War and was mainly used for heavy guns. The Revell models stand out for their ultra-fine surface structure, the detailed interior and the chassis with a replica drive train. The package also includes authentic decals for the corresponding army groups or tank divisions, which were also manufactured in elaborate detail work.

The unique variety of Revell figures

Revell offers a wide, extremely high-quality range of vehicles and figures from the military sector or from the epochs of the First and Second World Wars. Historical events, battles, but also war-relevant personalities, vehicles and much more are represented in the form of excellently thought-out figures. Examples are the attack of the German army at the beginning of the First World War on France as well as the following heavy battles in the trenches. The armistice, which was sealed on 11 November 1918, heralded the end of the war. The impressive models of the German, British and French infantrymen, whose equipment and clothing correspond to the year 1914, successfully reflect the will to fight and the strength of character of the men. The fine facial features and authentic poses of the figures also attract the attention of Revell lovers.

Military and modern figures

The First and Second World Wars had a lasting impact on Germany. Revell has taken up the zeitgeist from these epochs with its military figures and vehicles in a unique way. But also the soldiers and guards from the post-war period or from today's era are impressively reproduced by Revell. The individual figures as well as the model kits are characterized by their high quality. The British infantry armies, the world famous Swiss Guard, but also the Italian Carabinieri, the Republican Guards, the Queen's Guards as well as the German crisis reaction forces are further highlights of Revell. All these figures convince with their precise texture and loving attention to detail.

Historical Figures

The Seven Y.War from the series Austrian Dragoons and Prussian, conceived on a scale of 1:72, are special pieces from the segment of Revell's historical figures. They reflect the period of the Seven Years' War from 1756 to 1763, in which all the great powers of Europe fought against each other. The set of this series includes numerous armed soldiers in various poses, trumpeters and tambours as well as horses in a magnificent look. Further highlights from Revell are the military figures of the ANZAC Infantry in scale 1:35. Here the focus is on the Army Corps of Australia and New Zealand during the legendary Battle of Gallipoli in 1915. The extensive accessories as well as the numerous armament possibilities inspire not only Revell lovers.