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Scale: 1:16

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Scale: 1:14

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Scale: 1:10

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Scale: 1:16

Product number: 24555

Revell Control: Remote controlled cars and quadrocopters for highest demands

The name Revell does not only mean model making, but for some years now also remote controlled products (RC products). Under the keyword Revell Control, all those who are dedicated to RC technology will find a large selection of very attractive models. Like all of our products, the remote-controlled model vehicles are characterized by impressive attention to detail and high-quality workmanship. Not only the vehicles convince with the highest quality, but also the control and the drive of the vehicles meet the highest standards. Thus, the owner can be sure that he will enjoy his remote controlled helicopter, quadrocopter, ship, car, etc. for a long time.

Remote controlled cars, remote controlled boats or helicopters ? Revell has the right remote-controlled model for every technology lover. Remote-controlled cars are among the classics in the segment of remote-controlled model vehicles. The range of Revell Control models extends from the remote-controlled RC Car Desert Rat to the Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon off-road vehicle, which can be precisely directed from a distance. Those who have not yet been able to realize the dream of their own Lamborghini or Mercedes amg, have a lot of fun at a reasonable price with the RC model Lamborghini Aventador or the RC Scale Car Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO in 1:24 scale.

Remote controlled quadrocopters and helicopters - fascinating for young and old

Strolling through the park or sunbathing on the lawn - remote-controlled quadcopters and helicopters are becoming increasingly common in the sky. Colloquially, such devices are called drones. In this range, too, we offer our customers an appealing selection of high-quality models for every age group and every budget. Beginners will find inexpensive models with which they can gain their first experience. Quadrocopters are particularly popular. Thanks to sophisticated technology, it is easy to learn how to control the quadrocopters. Some models have an altitude sensor. This ensures that the quadrocopter stays in the air for as long as possible.

Matching powerful cameras are available from Revell, which rise into the air with the remote-controlled models and allow unique shots from an unusual perspective, for example, the quadrocopter "Go!Video" or also quadrocopter "Go!Video Pro".

Awakening enthusiasm for technology with RC toys

Many products offered in the category Revell Control are suitable not only for adults, but also for our youngest lovers of modern technology. Remote control cars are highly sought after by representatives of all ages. Who will win the exciting race? Many an adult has had to admit defeat when pitted against the youngsters.

Popular with young and old are remote-controlled boats. However, customers should pay attention to the range and the speed to be achieved if the remote-controlled boat is to be steered by children. Models like the "SPRING TIDE 40" boat are suitable for young racers as young as eight years old. The large hull ensures that this model returns safely even in higher waves and does not capsize.

Even more Revell Control on Facebook and Instagram

Visit our Revell Control Facebook - or also Revell Control Instagram page and experience even more Revell Control with many videos, novelties, raffles and much more. Become a fan now on facebook.com