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Revell Control: Helicopter - flying fun for hobby pilots of all ages

With the sporty helicopters from the Revell Control range, young and old aviation fans can easily fulfil their dream of flying. The Helicopter category from Revell Modellbau offers a wide selection of attractive model helicopters equipped with powerful engines and reliable control modules. Whether a sightseeing flight through the living room, the garden or a challenging obstacle course - the Revell helicopters invite you to new flight experiments. There are no limits to flying pleasure, because the handy models are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Depending on the model, the helicopters are equipped with an infrared or radio control with up to three channels. They can be used to steer the agile aircraft intuitively and precisely.

Revell helicopters: reliable flight characteristics thanks to modern technology

Revell's remote controlled helicopters are perfect for model builders who enjoy action. All models are technically mature and comfortable to fly. They are equipped with reliable and powerful LiPo rechargeable batteries so that the flight fun lasts as long as possible. These batteries have proven themselves in model flying and are characterized by their longevity. After flying, they can be recharged conveniently via USB. The remote control is powered by standard AA batteries. On larger helicopters, a gyro system ensures reliable flight stability. If a mishap occurs during one of the flight adventures, this is no longer tragic. If necessary, propellers, batteries or motors can be replaced with the appropriate spare parts from the Revell accessories range.

Revell model helicopters: Minis and beginner models

At Revell, beginners and young pilots will find the ideal helicopters for their first flight attempts. They are small and handy, but technically as mature as the larger models. The mini helicopters are particularly suitable for indoor flying. In this way, flight training is not disturbed by wind or other weather influences. The XS-TOXI models measure just 5.5 cm and can be navigated safely in living rooms thanks to their reliable remote control. The Easy Hover is a slightly larger entry-level model equipped with a special easy-to-fly height sensor. It allows safe control of the flight altitude during the first take-off and landing attempts. With the TwiStar, Revell presents an uncomplicated fun helicopter with fascinating lighting effects. Unlike the other helicopters, it is kept in the air by its own rotation.

Helicopter models for hobbyists and experienced pilots

Model builders who already have experience with remote-controlled helicopters can choose a kit. With the Construction Kit Helicopter Night Flash the assembly is as much fun as the flying. Thanks to a detailed description and high-quality components, the sporty helicopter will soon be ready for use. Special paintwork and LED lighting make the GLOWEE 2.0 model shine - a great effect for all those who dare to fly their model safely in the dark. The Micro Heli "Turaco" is a mini helicopter with adult technology. A gyro system and a 2-channel remote control keep the little one stable on his flight path. With Sky Arrow and Sky Fun from Revell Modellbau-Helicopter, helicopter fans can enjoy the flying pleasure to the full. The powerful model helicopters with gyro technology and multi-channel remote control look sporty and can perform advanced flight maneuvers.