Notes on batteries

You are legally obliged to return batteries and accumulators. After use, you can return them to a municipal collection point or to a local retailer or send them back to us. Batteries containing harmful substances are marked with a symbol consisting of a crossed-out dustbin and the chemical symbol (Cd, Hg or Pb) of the heavy metal that is decisive for classification as containing harmful substances.

IMPORTANT!  Batteries should only be used and replaced by adults.

Only use recommended batteries of the same or equivalent type. Never attempt to recharge batteries that are not intended for this purpose. Rechargeable batteries should only be recharged under adult supervision. Never use different types of batteries at the same time.  Do not mix old and new batteries. Insert the batteries with the correct polarity. Please remove used batteries from the toy immediately. Do not short-circuit the poles. If the toy will not be used for a longer period of time, always remove the batteries. Used batteries and discarded electrical and electronic products should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner at an approved collection point. These products must not be disposed of with household waste. Protect the toy from moisture and wetness.