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Revell Control X-treme - robust vehicles for RC outdoor action

Faster, wilder, further: With the high-quality models of the Revell Control X-treme series, the manufacturer sets new standards in RC model building. The technologically mature RC vehicles are particularly powerful, reliable and durable. When creating these extraordinary models, the RC specialists at Revell focused on the many challenges associated with outdoor use of the vehicles. The results are first-class racers, off-roaders and buggies for demanding outdoor action.

Fast rides with first class RC vehicles

At the heart of all Revell Control X-treme models is innovative 2.4 gigahertz technology. Thanks to the extremely functional remote control, the vehicles allow breathtaking journeys. This refers, for example, to the very high speeds. Many models are capable of speeds of up to 25 km/h. Depending on the strength of the battery, the models give an average of 15 to 30 minutes of full throttle. The "tank" then needs to be refilled, but this usually takes less than an hour. The vehicle is then immediately ready for use again.

One of the bold X-treme vehicles is the SUV S.W.A.T., which presents itself particularly fast and is also suitable for off-road tours. It races at a speed of up to 25 km/h for up to 30 minutes. The same applies to the Mato off-roader, which has two powerful engines in it that work together as an electronic differential and bring the considerable power energetically to the chosen track. Gas and steering are infinitely variable. In addition, the suspension with the damped rear swingarm stays precisely on track - whether in the children's room or outdoors.

Fascinating extras for incomparable rides

Most vehicles in the Revell Control X-treme series feature special extras that add to the driving pleasure. One example is the VR Racer's virtual reality glasses. With them, the driver of the vehicle has the impression of sitting directly in the car - so he can experience the speed rush even more intensively. All that is required for this is that the driver places his smartphone in the VR glasses. There is a camera on the roof of the vehicle. This transmits the live image to the smartphone via a free app.
The lights and sirens that can be switched on continue to provide enthusiasm. The SUV S.W.A.T., for example, is equipped with blue lights - the ideal way to get a clear path. With its rally headlights on the front bumper and the poison green colour, the Buggy Plutonium also attracts positive attention. The chassis of the cool car is also splash-proof - an important criterion to consider when buying an RC vehicle from the Revell Control X-treme series.

Accessories and spare parts for X-treme models from Revell

In addition to RC vehicles for spectacular outdoor rides, Revell also has various accessories and useful spare parts in its range. For example, you can exchange the motor axle or change the tyres with the help of the appropriate wheel set to bring the model of the Revell Control X-treme series back to its old strength. In addition, controllers are available that are absolutely necessary for controlling the vehicles.
Most X-treme models contain a battery. The battery is simply charged with the included charging cable. Some vehicles run on AA batteries instead, which have to be replaced regularly. If you order an RC car from the X-treme series, you can always look forward to fast rides with attractive specials.