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Scale: 1:400

Product number: 00458
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Scale: 1:24

Product number: 00459

Revell technology: model building technology kits

Model construction technology kits represent a new generation of model kits that enable an even more realistic representation of the respective model thanks to their integrated electronic components. Compared to conventional model kits, technology kits contain electronic components that are individually tailored to the model, such as LED lighting, sound modules and pre-programmed control units.

A special feature of technology kits are the fully automatic control units that enable realistic reproduction of scenarios and sequences. For example, the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc - Technik kit, among others, can play a realistic takeoff sequence with a coherent engine run and switching on of the navigation lights due to its fully automatic control system. The RMS Titanic - Technik kit also features a pre-programmed control unit that allows for a realistic display of scenarios, such as recreating the Titanic's final voyage.

Technique kits are more sophisticated than conventional model kits and require some technical understanding, but also offer a higher quality of modeling and an authentic representation of the model. The electronic components are individually matched to the model and can be conveniently connected via convenient plug-in connections. The scope of delivery usually includes the plastic model kit (not assembled), illustrated, multilingual assembly instructions, decals and the electronic components.

Technical kits are therefore particularly suitable for experienced modelers who have a high interest in the technical implementation and realism of their models. The Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc - Technique Kit and the RMS Titanic - Technique Kit are examples of such modeling technique kits, which have a special fascination for modeling enthusiasts as well as for those interested in technology.