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Scale: 1:142

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Scale: 1:1200

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Civilian ships: Model building area with many facets

Whether freight traffic, fishing or tourism: Civilian ships play an important role in social life. One of the best known ship models is the R.M.S. Titanic. The Revell range includes two models of the luxury liner, which came to a tragic end on 14 April 1912. Hobbyists can choose between a 1:1200 or 1:700 scale model. In addition, many other Revell model kits await ship lovers.

Cruise ships of superlatives

Modern cruise ships like the AIDA or the Queen Mary impress - whoever sees such a huge ship from close up for the first time is overwhelmed. Even the models of the luxury ships reflect these dimensions. Revell has four models of such floating luxury hotels to choose from. The Queen Mary 2 is a superlative passenger ship that should not be missing in any collection of civil ships. This luxury ship is considered to be the largest, longest, highest and most magnificent passenger ship ever launched. On 14 decks more than 2,600 passengers are to find place. Many fine details stand out on the model. Among them are four motor gondolas with propellers, fourteen lifeboats, eight excursion boats and two small speedboats. The model of the M/S Color Magic on a scale of 1:1200 places somewhat higher demands on the hobbyist. The original is regularly used as a car ferry between Kiel and Oslo. The superstructures on the one-piece hull are precisely reproduced and show interesting details well. Hobbyists who dream of their own luxury boat can fulfil this dream with the model of a yacht that is 32 metres long in the original. On a scale of 1:72 this results in a length of 444 mm.

On the move with container ships on all seas

When the world's largest container ship was put into service in 2005, it caused a sensation in the media. For the experienced model builder, Container Ship COLOMBO EXPRESS is a rewarding challenge and an attractive exhibit for any collection of civil ships. Among the highlights of this model are the bow thruster on the two-piece hull and the faithfully reproduced deck with fine engravings. The model kit includes 23 finely engraved containers. However, it is also possible to depict the model without the container. Moving rudders and ship propellers are further details.

Operator of the impressive giant is the Hamburg shipping company Hapag-Lloyd. The hobbyist has the choice between six decals and can choose his own Colombo Express class. The model of a Harbour Tug Boat is also interesting for model builders. A harbour tugboat has an important position in the everyday life of the harbour. The small, manoeuvrable boats are equipped with a powerful engine and have the task of safely towing arriving ships to the mooring quay. The Revell model offers many details of a typical tugboat. The superstructures are finely structured and even a captain and two sailors are on board. Particularly striking is the strong ram protection, which must prevent damage to the ships.