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Scale: 1:96

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Building model sailing ships: a special challenge for hobbyists

To observe a big sailing ship at full speed is something we rarely have the opportunity to do today. Just how fascinating these traditional ships still are is shown by the number of visitors to the Kieler Woche or the Hanse Sail in Rostock. Model builders can, however, take the impressive ships home in a detailed miniature version.

Decorative models with historical significance

Many model builders opt for sailing ships because they offer a lot of fun and are also very decorative. With their extensive rigging, many sails and extensive deck structures, the models are a real eye-catcher in any room. At the same time, hobbyists learn something about the history of seafaring. Already in the 8th century, the Vikings raided with sailing ships and caused horror on the European mainland. The agile, seaworthy combat ships could be used very versatilely. With their shallow draught, these ships gave predators the opportunity to sail on rivers and thus penetrate far into the interior of a country.

The USS United States shows how rapidly the construction of sailing ships has developed. The American warship from the end of the 18th century was characterized by excellent sailing characteristics. It was also heavily armed. The Revell model exactly replicates the weaponry with 44 guns.

Also at the end of the 18th century the H.M.S. Bounty, one of the most famous sailing ships at all, was on her way to the West Indies. The crew burned the imposing ship in 1790, in order not to be discovered after the legendary mutiny. The Revell model kit shows the H.M.S. Bounty in scale 1:110.

Jolly Roger sailing ship: a scary shining pirate ship

Horror stories and sailor's yarn have been part of shipping for centuries. Revell also has an interesting offer in this respect, which is guaranteed to fascinate young model builders. The Jolly Roger sailing ship glows in the dark and seems mysterious and scary. This spectacular effect is achieved through the use of night-glow paint and stickers with a glowing effect. The colour stores the light from the surroundings and can release it in the dark for a certain period of time. Since the luminous paint is to be processed strictly according to regulations, parents should support their young model builders in this work.

Level information provides orientation

If you decide to build more complex sailing ships as a hobbyist, you should already have gained some experience in model building. The majority of Revell sailing ships belong to level 5. The model of the Santa Maria (level 4) on a scale of 1:96 makes slightly less demands on the model builder's skills. For beginners the Spanish Galleon model is recommended. The model of the galleon from the Mediterranean region is relatively easy to build. Nevertheless it looks very impressive with its structured sails and the decorations at the stern. Those who have successfully completed this model will certainly soon dare the next project.