Buy spray guns for airbrush techniques at Revell

For good airbrush results, both amateur artists and professionals need the right spray gun. The advantage of airbrush technology is that the surface to be sprayed is not touched. Thus a surface can be painted despite any unevenness. In the spray gun category, Revell offers products for airbrush beginners and professionals. Like the compressors, the spray guns are divided into starter class, standard class and master class products.

The starter class - spray gun for airbrush beginners

The inexpensive and uncomplicated starter class spray gun is perfectly suited for shorter work with airbrush technology. The ergonomic design allows a high operating comfort. The paint is mixed outside the pistol, which has the advantage that the paint does not have to run through the fine mechanics of the pistol. This increases the service life of the gun and allows thicker paints to be applied. The airbrush gun is ideal for spraying Revell model making products where high quality paint is important for authentic replication. Creative people can choose between two sides: The Airbrush starter class set includes the spray gun, compressed air hose and propellant regulator. The second set also includes a 200 ml compressed gas cylinder that supplies the spray gun with compressed air for eight minutes.

The spray gun standard class - a gun of the middle category

The standard class is suitable for ambitious beginners and advanced users. Especially for camouflage paintings and flat varnishes this device is the right choice. Airbrush fans benefit from an extensive set of the standard class product: this includes an air hose, a propellant regulator and a pot adapter. A coloured glass, a mounting key and an instruction manual round off the package.

The master class - various spray guns for professionals

The master class spray guns are suitable for experienced airbrushers. The Spray Gun master class (Vario) allows detailed work, aging effects and camouflage painting. The set includes two colour glasses and a pipette. The Spray Gun master class (Prof.) is a further development of the Vario. Two additional pipettes are included. For professionals the Spray Gunmaster class Flexible is the right choice. Revell Modellbau has patented this innovative airbrush spray gun. It allows the spraying of very large or very small quantities of paint and is suitable for countless applications.

Additional accessories for airbrush techniques

In the Revell Shop Airbrusher can order not only spray guns but also suitable compressors and accessories. With pipettes a clean filling of the spray guns is possible. Cleaning kits are also available from Revell, because regular cleaning and maintenance ensures that the spray guns can be used without any problems at any time. A compressor is also required to operate the Revell spray guns. Compressors are available in various price ranges. Depending on your needs, you can choose a compressor with different capacities that is responsible for generating compressed air. Of course, Revell also offers a large selection of model colours.