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Complete sets for airbrush painting

Whether model car, ship or airplane - only by the color design a model appears authentic. In order to achieve particularly good results when painting, however, the right technique is crucial. Although a fine brush allows precise application of paint on details, it is less suitable for large areas. Model construction connoisseurs use airbrush here. Even large surfaces can be painted very evenly with the spray gun. Unwanted drops or paint noses are avoided. Thanks to the good thinnability of the airbrush colours, many colour shades are possible. In the Revell model building complete sets, beginners and experts will find everything they need to provide models with the desired colours. If required, model building fans can supplement the sets with further colours or airbrush accessories from the extensive Revell range.

Why is airbrush technology so popular with model builders?

The basic airbrush techniques are quickly learned and beginners can soon enjoy beautiful work results. The time saving with large areas is considerable, the evenness of the paint surface with a brush can hardly be achieved. Another advantage of painting with a spray gun is the short drying time. Since the airbrush paints are applied thinly as a fine mist, the paint layer dries much faster than when painting with a brush. This means that the freshly painted model parts are quickly available for further processing. In addition to large-area, even painting, the airbrush technique can also be used to create numerous special effects that make a model appear even more authentic. Motorcycles or trains can be painted with typical traces of smoke or oil. Sports cars and airplanes have great colour gradients. With the right colours, colour mixing ratios and a little imagination, unmistakable, realistic models are created.

Large selection of airbrush colours in the Revell range

High quality airbrush colours and finishes are an integral part of Revell's model range. Because the right painting is an essential aspect in model making. Revell offers friends of the fascinating hobby an extensive selection of high-quality airbrush colours and matching accessories. The colour palette includes glossy and matt shades. All colours recommended for painting Revell models are available here. They can be diluted for airbrush applications and dry quickly. They can be mixed for special effects or other shades outside the palette. They are ideal for use with Revell spray guns. Thinners and cleaning agents for airbrush equipment can also be found in the Revell range.

Authentic design of models with Revell airbrush complete sets

If you want to embellish your models with airbrush technology, you don't need to pick the individual pieces of equipment individually. The Revell model building complete sets contain the necessary basic equipment for working with airbrushes and are excellently suited to get your first acquaintance with the technology. The airbrush equipment of the sets is particularly user-friendly and easy to clean. Each set is equipped with a simple spray gun, which allows uncomplicated work. The single action spray gun receives the required compressed air either from a compressed gas cylinder or a compressor. A practical Easy-Click system releases the paint container and spray gun after painting.  The basic equipment also includes the proven water-soluble acrylic paints. They can be easily diluted to the desired concentration and are therefore ideal for airbrush technology.