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Compressors - the basis for successful airbrush work

Airbrush is a popular hobby for creative minds and a practical help in model making. A good compressor is required for high-quality airbrush work. The compressor generates the necessary air pressure to work with the spray gun. When purchasing an airbrush compressor there are several aspects to consider, such as working pressure, noise level, maintenance required and price. Within this category, Revell Modellbau offers three different types of compressors. Creative people can choose between the starter class, the standard class and the master class.

The starter class compressor - the model for beginners

The Revell compressor starter class is an entry-level model for Airbrush beginners. The handy device can be easily transported from one place to another. The existing carrying handle increases the comfort once more. Painters can start right away with the starter class spray gun. The starter class model is an oil-free piston compressor that operates at a maximum pressure of three bar. The air/litre output per minute is approximately eleven litres. The noise level is approx. 57 decibels.

The compressor standard class - Airbrush for advanced users

The standard class compressor is suitable for advanced airbrush users. Beginners to advanced users, who want to pursue this hobby ambitiously, benefit from various further developments in terms of comfort and performance. At 23 litres, the air/litre performance per minute is more than twice that of the starter class model. With a noise level of approx. 55 decibels, the standard class compressor is even slightly quieter than the starter class compressor. Various extras increase operating comfort. The compressor has a manometer, a pressure regulator and a water separator. The automatic switch-off also ensures that accidental starting of the appliance is a thing of the past.

The compressor master class - The compressor for professionals

The oil-free double cylinder piston compressor is suitable for advanced airbrush painters and professionals. This special model can be ideally combined with the master class spray guns and enables exceptional airbrush work. The air/litre performance is highest at 32 litres per minute, while the noise level at 50 decibels is even lower than on the other two models. This makes the compressor about as loud as a refrigerator. The maximum pressure of the master class is approximately 4.4 bar. Thanks to the numerous extras, there are no limits to airbrush work. The compressor has a double cylinder, two manometers, a water separator and a pressure regulator. In addition, the airbrush air pistol is preceded by an air tank. As a result, the air produced does not go directly to the air brush, but is stored in advance. The result is a regular discharge of the air, which enables high-quality results.

In the Revell shop model fans will not only find compressors and spray guns, but also numerous accessories for airbrush work. Compressed air hoses, propellant regulators and CD-ROMs that clearly explain the fascinating airbrush technology are also available, as are cleaning kits and spare parts for compressors.