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Practical accessories for airbrush from Revell

Airbrush is without question the technique with which you can best miss models the right color. Thanks to modern sets, the learning curve is not particularly high and amazing results are achieved after only a short time. Although the beginner sets are well suited for learning and making your first work, those who regularly work with them will of course want to increase their equipment. The best way to do this is to use Revell's practical accessories, which are compatible with each other. They are perfect for anyone who wants to venture into a new or larger model building project. Of course, craft enthusiasts will also find the right compressed air bottles at Revell, which are essential for the operation of airbrush guns.

A modern concept for beginners and professionals

Not so long ago, airbrush technology was expensive and maintenance-intensive. So this technique was reserved for the professionals - hobbyists were still dependent on painting their models with the hand brush. The practical accessory for airbrushes with Revell offers products for beginners and professionals. The informative Airbrush/Accessory CD D/NL for example gives valuable tips for all Airbrush fans. The necessary compressed gas bottles are available in two different sizes. The standard size with a filling quantity of 400 millimetres is normally sufficient for a large number of different projects. The Jumbo pressurized gas cylinder can be useful for those who work on particularly large models or want to work on large surfaces. This has a filling capacity of 750 millilitres.

Cleaning for a long shelf life If you want to enjoy your airbrush set for a long time, you should take care of thorough cleaning after each use. Revell offers a well thought-out accessory to help you do this. The airbrush cleaning set enables quick and uncomplicated cleaning and is matched to all Revell spray guns. The practical learning DVDs offer basic knowledge and helpful tips for professionals for successful airbrushing. With professional guidance, enthusiastic hobbyists can do various exercises to learn the technique or perfect it with the help of impressive tricks from experienced professionals.

From high pressure hose to pipette

In most cases it is the small aids that facilitate airbrushing. For this reason, Revell offers utensils that simplify the dosing or storage of paints, for example. With high-quality pipettes, color can be dosed very precisely, which makes very precise color mixing possible. In addition, a new tube may become necessary over time. There is a choice between a light compressed air hose and a thicker high-pressure air hose. Thanks to the different utensils it is easy to put together exactly the airbrush set that is perfectly tailored to your own requirements. Of course you can also add an element to your set when working on a new project. The ease of use and maintenance have made airbrushing so popular with hobbyists. With the practical accessories, the utensils always stay up to date.