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Scale: 1:24

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Scale: 1:24

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Scale: 1:24

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Revell Modelbau Motorsport - powerful, detailed and versatile

Revell Modellbau stands for faithfully reproduced bodies and unlimited fun. The automobiles convince with fine surface structures, detailed wheel suspensions and movable wheels. Each kit has its own special features: Individual parts can be chrome-plated, the bonnet can be moved separately and the 8-cylinder engine can be designed in several parts. Brakes, rims and engines are reproduced true to the original and inspire motorsport fans of all ages.

Motorsport - from the beginnings until today

In Revell's model building, enthusiasts will find vehicles from the past as well as from modern racing. One of the classics, for example, is the Bentley Blower, which was originally produced from 1929 to 1931. The corresponding model kit has been scaled to create a real racing feeling. Those who prefer modern vehicles will be delighted by the current models from Porsche, Mercedes and many other brands. Lowered suspensions, dynamic rear spoilers and the streamlined design make the hearts of motor sports enthusiasts beat faster.

It depends on the details

In Revell's model shop, automotive enthusiasts will find detailed replicas that always offer new elements to discover. Road models and commercial vehicles come with number plates as decals. Often the sets contain different number plates, which show the country identifications D, CH, NL, GB or F. Classic motor sports cars usually do not have a number plate, but hobbyists will find authentic decals of the racing car decor in the package. The finished objects are a real eye-catcher.
Revell Control X-treme - driving fun in a class of its own

A very special experience is Revell Control X-treme. After assembly, the vehicles can be controlled by remote control. Durable LiFePo batteries ensure a driving time of around 30 minutes. The high driving comfort is due to the separate and stepless control of steering and throttle. What could be more exciting than testing the vehicles on a race track after assembling the models?

Der Modellbau-Shop: important selection criteria

First of all there are different scales to choose from. The usual scale is 1:24. If model building fans have decided on a size, the appropriate model is selected. Mercedes-Benz SLS, Porsche 934 and numerous other vehicles are waiting in the assortment. In addition, there is the question of the degree of difficulty and the recommended age. The difficulty level is determined, among other things, by the number and size of the components. For orientation, the Revell model kits are divided into different difficulty levels from 1 to 5:

  1. These are snap kits and beginner kits. Painting and gluing is not necessary.
  2. This category is suitable for beginners. The set contains up to 30 individual parts, a sticking and painting may be necessary.
  3. The model kits consist of up to 100 parts, the assembly is demanding.
  4. Experienced hobbyists will find the right models in this category.
  5. The models can contain more than 150 parts. The craft requirements are high.

Sporty models implemented in detail

Racing cars have always fascinated motorsport fans. A high acceleration, extreme top speeds and sporty steering manoeuvres ensure enthusiasm. With the Revell model kits, fans can bring the fascinating world of motorsport into their own four walls.