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Welcome to the exciting world of model making!

It's one of the most enjoyable pastimes for engineering and modelling enthusiasts around the world to build model kits of vehicles, aircraft and ships of all kinds. Detailed kits, such as those offered by the model-building company Revell, are characterised by true-to-the-original representations with many important details and high-quality workmanship. Furthermore, the descriptions provide additional information about the historical significance of the original. Be it cars, trucks, aeroplanes, ships or remote-controlled cars - in the Revell model building online shop you are sure to find the model of your choice.

Discover the fascinating world of model making with Revell

Are you new to model making and looking to get started? Or are you already a pro and looking for new challenges? No problem, because at Revell you'll find the right range for every age and skill level. With our Level 1 kits for the youngest hobbyists from 4 years, children can take their first steps in model building and train their fine motor skills. Our colourful First Construction cars are easy to put together and sturdy enough to withstand a collision or two. With the matching figures, playing is twice as much fun!

You want to get started in model building but are unsure how to begin? Don't worry, at Revell you'll find valuable hints and tips under the keyword Starting in model building to help you get started. Thanks to our level indications, which range from level 1 for beginners/children to level 5 for experienced modelling professionals, you can choose the right model for your skill level. And for those who love quick success, we've developed the innovative Easy Click System. With this system, you too can build attractive classics in miniature without having to use glue. Let yourself be inspired by the world of model building and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Revell!

Discover the endless possibilities of model making with Revell - from beginner to professional

Are you looking for the perfect model kit or need the right accessories for your next project? No problem, because you'll find everything you need in the Revell Online Shop. With just a few clicks, you can access the large selection of models and accessories and use the filter function to search for what you are interested in. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas while browsing and discover new possibilities for your next model building adventure.

In addition to the kits, we also offer the matching accessories to faithfully recreate your model. From high-quality glues and brushes to precision tools, you'll find everything you need at Revell. And if you've lost your building instructions, don't worry - the Revell Download Centre has all the building and instruction manuals available as PDFs for free download.

If you prefer to buy locally and take your model kit home with you, there are also Revell specialist dealers and model shops in many cities. There you will be advised by experienced model builders and find a large selection of models and accessories. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of model building with Revell and discover the endless possibilities!

Explore the world of space travel with the Space Shuttle Discovery model kit

Are you an avid space fan or do you dream of becoming an astronaut one day? Then the Space Shuttle Discovery model kit is just the thing for you! With 97 1:144 scale pieces, you can get up close and personal with the workings of the Space Shuttle and share with friends and family who share your passion for space exploration

Explore the frontiers of the universe with the Space Shuttle Discovery model kit

Not only does this model kit make an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates the wonders of space travel, it's also a wonderful way to explore the fascinating world of space travel. Explore the frontiers of the universe with the Space Shuttle Discovery and let your imagination run wild.

Save with the best deals: Vouchers and promotions from Revell

Looking for great deals? Then you should definitely take a look at There you will find numerous vouchers and promotions for the Revell online shop. Whether you're an experienced modeller or just starting out, there are always great offers to help you get your next project off the ground. Take the chance to get high-quality model kits and accessories at attractive prices. Have fun browsing and discovering!