First Construction
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Scale: 1:20

Product number: 00919
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Scale: 1:20

Product number: 00920

Revell First Construction

Inspiring, encouraging and easier than ever: model construction for children

Revell inspires even the youngest! The First Construction sets offer children the opportunity to assemble their favourite racing cars and fire engines themselves. The beginner-friendly 1:20 scale construction sets can be mastered by preschoolers. They produce robust toy cars and can be integrated into everyday play without hesitation - even if things get a little wilder. With the First Construction sets from Revell, children experience how wonderful it is to create something with their own hands. This way, they learn to appreciate the effort involved at a young age. The familiar faces from Disney's Cars provide an atmospheric racing car ambience. Among them Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm.

Just like a real pit stop

The racing car sets of the First Construction series bring action to the children's room race track. In addition, they promote an understanding of the individual car components such as wheels, tyres, body and engine. The included tools allow children to handle the toy models just like a real pit stop. And always with the knowledge that they have placed each individual part themselves and can also remove it again if necessary. The number of parts and the complexity of the models are designed for children from the age of 4. Care has been taken to make the construction plans comprehensible. They motivate to successfully finish the started model building project and train patience for later challenges.

Play experience and building fun with the fire brigade ladder truck

Real firefighters know exactly about their equipment, of course. What could be better preparation for the job than assembling a functional fire truck with your own hands? The Revell ladder truck makes it possible. The proud 74-piece First Construction Set teaches children step by step about the components and functions of a contemporary fire engine. The finished model is wonderfully suitable for playfully simulating rescue operations and vividly showcasing the work of the fire brigade. The rotating ladder can be extended to a length of 60 centimetres. The doors can be opened and closed as desired. The model with its detailed interior has a multitude of details that invite you to discover and - after assembly - to play.

Disney Cars are back!

With the First Construction sets from Revell, the heroes from Disney's Cars roll into the children's room as vividly as ever. Bright Lightning McQueen and his rival Jackson Storm go head-to-head for the fastest speed and the most determined, confident winning attitude. In the process, it is important to be in top form. So it takes resourceful builders! The building sets, each comprising 19 parts, are the ideal introduction to the world of model building. They offer children speedy success and the prospect of putting their heroes from Cars through their paces. Plus, both Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm feature exciting light and sound effects.

It pays to stick with it

Modelling can be a real eye-opener for children. The stimulating experience of combining different parts to create a functional construction motivates them to keep working on new projects. Early and consistent exposure to model making teaches discipline, self-confidence and inventiveness outside of the hobby. The First Construction sets from Revell are the first step into the wonderful world of complex miniatures.