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Other accessories - various products from the field of paints, adhesives & Co.

Under the category "Other accessories" model builders will find a variety of products from special pigments to precision saws to special pliers and brush sets. The category offers everything you need to perfect your model workshop. The product variety includes the rough product categories paints, adhesives, tools and general aids such as mixing cups. Beginners will find everything for the perfect start in this category, such as the matching brushes, professionals special tools such as sharp side cutters for precise work.

Various brushes and accessories

In the category Other accessories there are various brushes in different designs. Flat brushes in different thicknesses are suitable for painting larger areas. Of special relevance is the Dry Brushing. By quickly wiping back and forth with the brushes, aging effects can be created. These make Revell's detailed models even more authentic and realistic. Brushes can be purchased by model building fans as a set with different equipment. For perfect work with best results the versatile selection ranges from sets with brush cleaner and pipette to special single brushes. So that the painting of the models can start immediately, it is recommended to have different brush sets at home.

Cleaning the brushes and paints

Those who paint with paints and brushes also need products for professional cleaning. Those who do not care for their brushes properly will soon notice that optimal working is not possible and that brush wear is quickly too high. This problem does not occur with Revell Painta Clean, the brushes are always ready for use. The cleaning agent Aqua Color Clean makes it possible to wash off dried paint from already painted figures and models. Afterwards a new painting is possible. In addition, there are no limits to creativity. Depending upon own taste models can be painted and arranged detail-faithfully or completely freely. If you paint yourself or are not satisfied with the result, you will find the optimal helper in this product.

Helpful products for model builders

A particularly suitable tool, for example, is the sturdy knife with a demolition blade. The practical knives are suitable, for example, for separating the individual parts of a figure. The primer spray paint Basic Color provides a better hold when applying the paint later. A clamping yoke set is also available. Two-sided sand files are intended for grinding and cleaning the individual parts. Further blades, knives or pliers make model making more comfortable for the user. Enthusiastic model builders like to browse this category to expand their workshop. Thanks to the wide range of products, model builders are guaranteed to find tools or utensils that will perfect their mode of operation in Revell model making.

Especially the Weathering Set with six different pigments is a gain for every passionate model maker. Since the models often come from a historical context, realistic ageing traces ensure an authentic replica. These ageing traces can be created with the help of the Weathering Set. The set contains an instruction manual in which different techniques for realistic aging are presented. The six different pigments contained offer various possibilities. With the help of the colours mud green, dark brown, rust red, sand yellow, deep black and snow white various models and figures can be artificially aged.