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Scale: 1:44

Product number: 06759

Star Wars - easykit: Space adventure for little model fans

The Star Wars easykit collection from Revell includes various space vehicles as kits that can be assembled particularly easily and uncomplicatedly. So boys and girls of primary school age can build the impressive Star Wars battleships and other space vehicles.

Few components, simple instructions - Star War space ships for small hands

With the futuristic-looking combat ships and space bases you can play exciting Star Wars missions or invent new adventures. Before that, little hobbyists can assemble the vehicles on their own, if necessary with a little support from their parents or older siblings. In the Star Wars-easykit series, Revell presents kits that contain significantly less than 100 parts. This enables even younger schoolchildren to assemble the complex spaceships. The legendary X-Wing Fighter, for example, consists of only 18 individual parts. All model kits from this series belong to either level 1 or 2. The recommended age in these categories is at least six or eight years. This makes the Star Wars kits an excellent gift for little space fans - whether under the Christmas tree, on the birthday table or as a surprise in the school bag. The model building sets are available in attractive packaging, on which the Space vehicles are depicted.

Build & Play: child-friendly kits with countless play options

Parents appreciate the Build & Play series from Revell, which also features some Star Wars aircraft. No glue, tools or paint are required to assemble the models. The kits are characterized not only by their simple design based on practical plug connections, but also by their high play value. The robust quality of the material and workmanship is not a bad thing - even if there is a crash, a collision of several spacecraft or another accident. With the Star Wars Easykit models, girls and boys can give free rein to their joy of playing and creativity by inventing new adventures and challenges that Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Co. will survive. Some Star Wars Easykit spacecraft come with a practical stand. On this stand little hobbyists can place their self-assembled Space Fighter in the children's room as a beautiful eye-catcher - after all, they are justifiably proud of their success. Maybe the Resistance X-Wing Fighter even gets a place of honour on the bookshelf or sideboard in the living room?

Star Wars kits for the smallest - true to scale and very detailed

The model sets from Revell are captivating with their attractive design, which reproduces numerous details of the space ships and planes known from the Star Wars films. For example, the surfaces of Poe's X-wing Fighter are finely structured and particularly realistic. And the Republic Gunset features detailed weapon systems that let this spaceship effortlessly win every battle against clone troops and other galactic enemies.

Star Wars easykit: the entry into the world of model building

The Star Wars-easykit sets are perfect for a successful entry into the fascinating world of model making. As the little hobbyists get older, Revell kits are available for them in increasing difficulty levels. So they can gradually improve their skills. Star Wars easykit and other kits support in this way the development of the fine motor skills of boys and girls.