Hobby Boss - USS Bataan LHD-5

Scale: 1:700

Product number: G3483406
Manufacturer Part Number: 83406

Number of parts: 610

Length: 372 mm

Width: 90 mm

* incl. tax, plus shipping.

Lieferbar innerhalb von 2 bis 4 Werktagen.
The Hull is a one piece part - Detailed Flight Deck is a single piece casting - US Marine Assault Vehicles : M1A1?2,M60A3?2,AAV-7?2,M1097?2, MVTR?2,LAV-25?2,M198?2,M1114?2 , LCAC Hovercraft?2 and LCU Landing Craft?2 - Aircraft and Helicopters: AV-8B Harrier?2,CH-46E?4,CH-53E?4, MV-22 Osprey?4,AH-1W Cobra?2,SH-60F?2 - 3 pieces of Photo-Etched detailing parts for aisle,radar parts etc