Revell FAQs

FAQ 1: To which address can I send my product suggestions and ideas?

We are happy to receive your proposals, ideas and product suggestions. Please send us your suggestions via this contact form.

FAQ 2: Is the model … still available?

In case you can’t find a particular model at the dealer, it doesn’t always mean that it is not available anymore or that Revell cannot supply it at the moment. Not all Revell dealers do also carry all Revell products. It may well be the case, that you will be able to obtain this model from another dealer. 

On the other hand, there are some models which are no longer available in the regular Revell product range, but the dealer still has some items on stock. Please take a look at our webshop to verify whether the model you are searching for is still part of the regular Revell product range

FAQ 3: Can consumers also order products directly from Revell?

Yes, you can buy products directly in our webshop

FAQ 4: Can I automatically receive regular news from Revell?

Yes - once per month we publish an online newsletter. You can easily subscribe to our newsletter. Then you will receive month by month the latest news about new items and other Revell topics by email. 

FAQ 5: Is it not possible to produce Revell models less costly?

This surely is a question where “expensive“ and “cheap“ begin or end. 

In preparation of the production of new products a lot of work is required. Revell products are high quality products and are produced in high-tech processes. Before a production can even begin, designers and engineers must develop tools. Toolmaking alone requires many many hours of work and must be planned and executed in great detail in order to achieve a high quality product. In addition, decals and construction manuals have to be designed and drafted. So before the production of a model kit with all components can be started, countless work steps are necessary. Only then the Revell products can be shipped to the customer. 

FAQ 6: Why do the construction manuals include security advice?

Our products are subject to the European toy standard EN 71,5. This norm sets high standards for the handling of the materials, and the manufacturer is committed to include special warning notices in different national languages. The advice in the Revell construction manuals does mainly refer to accessory materials as glues, paint thinners and paints which are required for the assembly of the models. 

Due to their chemical composition some basic advice for the handling of these materials is required. 

FAQ 7: Why is my product suggestion not included in product range?

Your product suggestions and proposals are collected and checked for their marketability. Due to the number of proposals and letters it is, of course, impossible to include every product suggestion. The selection of new items is based on many different criterions, among others of course also on market analyses. It is our goal to offer a comprehensive product range covering a wide variety of different fields. 

FAQ 8: Why are there less paints listed on the packaging than in the construction manual?

FAQ 8: Why are there less paints listed on the packaging than in the construction manual?

FAQ 9: Which new items will be launched by Revell and when and how often?

Revell supplies the market every month with an interesting package of new items. You will find the latest new items on our website. 

FAQ 10: How can I find a dealer in my region?

The best way to find a dealer in your region is the find dealer feature on our website. Here you can enter post code, city or name, and a list of dealers in your vicinity will be displayed. 

FAQ 11: Where can I get the latest Revell catalogue?

You can receive the latest Revell catalogue via our specialist dealers  find dealer or you may order it at our webshop.

Where can I buy Revell products?

The Revell product range is carried in every well-assorted toy shop as well as in the toy departments of all major department and general stores. In Germany, the BeNeLux countries, in Austria as well as Great Britain and France Revell supplies the retail trade directly, in the other countries the products are distributed via international distributors. Via the find dealer feature you can also find a dealer in your region. 

In addition, Revell products can be ordered from our webshop:

FAQ 13: What is the meaning of the Skill Level indications for the model kits?

The indication of the Skill Level (1-5) can be found on every Revell model kit. These levels categorise the model kits into different difficulty levels. They can serve as important guide for your purchase decision and help to avoid that a modeller buys a model kit which is “too easy“ or “too complex“. 

The Skill Levels represent the following product characteristics:


  • [1] includes snap kits for beginners which do not need to be glued or painted. 
  • [2] comprehends simple model kits to be glued and painted with up to 30 parts for beginners. 
  • [3] is the category for challenging models with up to 100 parts to be glued and painted. 
  • [4] is suited for experienced modellers, with up to 150 parts to be glued and painted.
  • [5] refers to models requiring the highest handicraft skill level, with more than 150 individual parts to be glued and painted.