MENG-Model - Messerschmitt Me-410B-2/U4 Heavy Fighter

Artikelnummer: G5930010
Hersteller-Artikelnummer: LS-001

Maßstab: 1:48

Länge: 278 mm

Breite: 340 mm

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Messerschmitt Me-410B-2/U4 heavy fighter The Messerschmitt Me 410, nicknamed the Hornisse ("Hornet"), was a German heavy fighter and Schnellbomber used by the Luftwaffe during World War II. It was developed from the Me-210 and fitted with a more powerful Daimler-Benz DB 603A engine, which greatly improved its flight performance . A BK5 50-mm cannon was added to the Me-410B-2/U4,which greatly enhanced the combat capabilities. Hence it was called?bomber-killer?. KIT INFO 1/48 Messerschmitt Me-410B-2/U4 heavy fighter plastic model kit,Length:278mm, Wingspan: 340mm. Beautiful lines of this aircraft are reproduced perfectly on the model ;Detailed cockpit;An accurate reproduction of the engine;Gun turret in the center of the fuselage is movable as the real aircraft;Angle of flap, aileron, elevator, rudder can be selected;Engine radiator can be open or closed. Zwei unterschiedliche Versionen baubar: 1) 6./ZG Germany 1944 2) W.NR.130379 tested by the NII VVS (Research Institute of the Soviet Air Force) berween 1945 and 1946 Foto?tzteile enthalten Sehr detaillierte Bauanleitung in Farbe.