1. Dear Customer,
    Should you have any problem with your Revellutions products, please contact us via the following contact form:
    For all other products or product lines please use the adjoining tabs.
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Service Revellutions

Do you have any problems with your Revellutions Car? Please refer directly to Revell - we exchange defective parts. Our contact details can be found in the following text. You can reach the Revell Control Service Team at the following telephone numbers at the following times at standard telephone rates:


Tel.: +49 (0)5223 965-196
Customer service is available: Monday to Thursday: 8am - 4pm - Fridays: 8am - 1pm

Standard telephone rates will apply

E-mail: rc-service@revell.de

Alternatively, you can reach our RC service for end consumers at any time through our Contact form.

Please also observe and read the Complaint and Repair Form with our conditions. It assists you in describing the problem.

Information about the Complaint and Repair Form

Download here

Dear Customer,
If you have a problem with your Revell Control product, please proceed as follows: Fill in the Complaint and Repair Form with the following information.

Mandatory information:


  • All information under the customer/delivery address
  • For the product: Specify the product name and item number
  • Bill/sales receipt (as a copy, via email or fax)
  • Signature (sign the printed-out form and include with the return shipment as an enclosure)

If possible, provide us with a description of the error. Your information helps us with the troubleshooting and accelerates the process.

Return shipment number:
You receive this after we receive the Complaint and Repair Form and a copy of the sales receipt.

Return shipment:
Please include the following documentation with the return shipment:


  • Complaint and Repair Form (do not forget to sign)
  • Copy of the invoice/sales receipt
  • Return shipment number (please mark on the return shipment so that it is easily visible)

Contact address:
Revell GmbH
Henschelstraße 20-30
D-32257 Bünde