Revell Modellbau Star Wars - Solo: The best pilot of the galaxy

For several decades now, the history of the Star Wars has fascinated countless fans. Already in 1977 the first movie started in the cinemas and reached a resounding success. Exactly 41 years later, a new episode flickers across the screens: The offshoot "Solo: A Star Wars Story" sheds light on the life and background of the former smuggler Han Solo.

For true fans, Revell has picked up some of the audience's favorites and translated them to scale into masterful models.

The Revell model building Star Wars solo series leaves nothing to be desired with enthusiastic star warriors. A multitude of true to original and detailed models from the popular science fiction saga promises boundless crafting pleasure. But not only hobby engineers and ambitious inventors get their money's worth here. The "Build & Play" articles are equipped with exciting functions, which ensure a lot of fun and gaming fun even after assembly. So fans can immerse themselves completely in the world of Han Solo, L3-37 and Chewbacca.

The Millennium Falcon: Classic model

Han Solo's spaceship has been an integral part of the fascinating cosmos since the beginning of the Star Wars history. In the Star Wars Solo Edition, the ship still inspires in its original version, modified by Lando Calrissian. Thanks to the removable escape capsule, the hero can escape safely even in the event of dangerous fire. Illuminated engines with realistic sound, combat noises and rotating cannons make the authentic gaming experience perfect. The Level 1 kit does not need to be glued or painted. The 21 parts can be simply plugged together. In no time at all, they depict the Millennium Falcon in a scale of 1:64 with a length of 23.5 centimeters.

On the Imperial Patrol Speeder the Empire strikes back

On their fast Patrol Speeders, the Stormtroopers are entrusted with guarding the city of Coronet on Corellia. Two of the storm troopers are part of the model kit and will patrol the hobby cellar or the children's room. Engine and combat noises intensify the unique gaming experience. Thanks to the fold-out display stands, the 186 millimetre long Imperial Patrol Speeder on a scale of 1:28 is also outstanding on the shelf. The 40 parts just have to be put together and neither painted nor glued. This makes the kit a Level 1 item that is also ideal for children and teenagers.

Flott on the move on Han's Speeder

Where exactly Han got his overpowered M68 Land Speeder remains a mystery even for the die-hard space enthusiast. His previous owner, however, had no more use for him, so much is certain. This fate will probably not happen so fast with the 19 centimeter long 1:28 scale model: With glowing engines, combat and engine noises as well as a figure of Han Solo himself, Han's Speeder from the Revell model building Star Wars solo series is a much sought-after sled. The model can be easily assembled from 29 plug-in parts, without any gluing or painting, and is immediately ready for lots of action. With the display stand up, Han and his speeder can take a break on the shelf or in the showcase in between.