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Revell Car Engines

Revell car engines as model kits for clever mechatronics

For decades, Revell car engines have been famous among hobbyists and car enthusiasts. With the engine model kit in mini format, fully functional variants are now coming into the children's room. Many a mini engine kit is sure to turn up on the workshop table in the DIY basement. Because the many components pose a challenge, the success of which is crowned by a starting and running engine.

Mini engine kit with two-, four- or eight-cylinder engines

The miniature car engines are modelled on their prototypes down to the smallest detail. None of the 217 components for the two-cylinder technology kit needs to be glued. Everything is plugged and screwed. Ambitious hobbyists will learn how this works in easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. To ensure that the engine model is functional, all components are made of stainless steel or an aluminium alloy. The technology kits for car engines are more suitable for experienced model builders. Young people from about 14 years of age who have a soft spot for tinkering and technology can take up the challenge.

Engine model kit with battery operation for subsequent driving fun

For car fans and hobbyists, anything that hums and/or moves is exciting. The engine also does this in the 4-cylinder engine kit. Revell uses the design of a 4-cylinder in-line engine with which Jules Goux won the Indianapolis Grand Prix in 1913 as a model. Whoever completes the engine model until it is functional can also consider himself a winner. After all, more than 357 handicraft parts have to be joined together for this. Even before the first race in a vehicle chassis, individual engine movements are inspiring if the instructions are followed correctly. For example, the 4-cylinder engine kit has a movable camshaft as well as a movable crankshaft connecting rod system.

Mini engine kit for extra high demands on tinkering fun and functionality

The metal V8 engine kit can only be started by battery power when all 500+ individual parts have been correctly assembled. The recommended age is 14 years. However, experienced adults should help with the first tinkering tasks. The motor model kit also has an educational value. Vehicle-enthusiastic youngsters learn about the functional principle of a real V8 engine. For trying out and racing after assembly, the lithium battery lasts for one and a half hours. After two hours of charging, the metal V8 engine kit is ready for use again.

Metal engine model kit - all components in top quality

The materials of all individual parts are characterised by their robustness in every engine model kit. Even with constant running use, they remain low-wear and functional. Each metal motor model kit is supplied in a metal gift box as a present. This craft idea from Revell is a great choice for leisure time with family and vehicle-loving friends. The stated assembly time is 4 or 5 hours - so it can take a while, even for clever tinkerers, until such a motor model is functional. After that, however, the joy of shared success is great and lasts for a long time; it comes alive again at every race. In addition, the finished model provides a reason to choose a suitable body kit for the next occasion to build your own mini engine. Engine fans can look forward to many more challenges thanks to the sophisticated kits from Revell.