Eduard accessories for model making highlights

If you want to detail and improve your model kits with special accessories, Eduard's accessories are the perfect choice. In our shop you can find different photoetched parts and conversion kits for different model cars from Revell, Hobby Boss, MENG-Model, Bronco Models and Trumpeter.

The company history of Eduard Models CZ

The internationally renowned Czech company Eduard Model Accessories was founded in 1989 in the cellar of the co-owner Ctirad Kurak in Most (then Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic). Two years before, Mr. Kurak and his founding colleague Vladimir Sulc - both enthusiastic about model making - had started to produce photoetched parts for their own needs. In view of the convincing results, the two men had come to the conclusion that they could produce model making accessories suitable for sale. In 1990 the first photoetched part of the company appeared on the market. In the same year, many more model making supplementary sets in 1/48th scale followed, and sales were so good that Eduard Models CZ was soon allowed to move to a larger production facility. In 1991 the company initiated a real production line.

The manufacturer quickly gained popularity. This was accompanied by a rapid increase in demand. Eduard accessories in other scales, especially 1/35th and 1/72nd scale, were also in great demand, so that the company from then on also devoted itself to the production of corresponding parts. Gradually, the company even integrated its own Eduard models made of plastic into its range, especially ships. This required a new move to an even larger factory - as well as more personnel. In the meantime, more than 100 employees belong to the ambitious "Eduard family". Speaking of ambitious: the company wants to develop steadily. Its creative and technical managers are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and innovative technologies to refine the Eduard models and model making accessories.

Since 1996 Eduard has been living in Obrnice. In the meantime the so-called LTM process is used for the production of the varied products, which has improved the kits immensely. By using high quality full metal moulds, the manufacturer is able to produce tens of thousands of first-class kits from a single mould.

Eduard models, photoetched parts and conversion kits of high quality

Basically Eduard produces complete model kits as well as accessories for model making. The latter are clearly in the foreground. The Revell online shop primarily offers photoetched parts and conversion kits for the basic models from Revell, Hobby Boss, MENG-Model, Bronco Models and Trumpeter. Photoetched parts are the smallest, very filigree model parts that can only be produced using a special technique. The Eduard photoetched parts turn the classic model kits into even more extraordinary decorative elements. In addition, they challenge even experienced model builders, so that the assembly promises to be a real adventure.

All products of Eduard Models CZ are characterized by their impressive workmanship. Demanding model building lovers can look forward to kits with surprisingly pronounced detailing, which are otherwise rarely found. In the field of accessories, Eduard has an almost inexhaustible fund, which always reveals new highlights. Important note: Eduard accessories are not complete plastic model kits. Rather, the products function as practical add-on kits with which basic kits from Revell and Co. can be modified and optimised.

No matter for which vehicle an upgrade is planned, whether tank, ship or plane: With the photoetched parts and conversion kits from Eduard, all models are transformed into true masterpieces of detailed and true-to-original model making!