First class model kits for classic bikes from the USA

Fans of model making and classic US-American bikes will get their money's worth in the Revell shop. In the assortment of the popular model construction manufacturer also different motorcycles of the typical American construction method wait as model construction kits for passionate collectors or hobbyists of models. What is special is that the available models are extremely large - for an authentic decorative element.

Order popular US-Bikes as models from Revell

Revell offers several highlights of US-American bikes as high-quality kits for stylish replicas. The US Touring Bike, for example, should be mentioned here. The well-known motorcycle is characterized in reality by its extraordinary comfort and excellent road holding. Furthermore, it is easy to handle despite its impressive size. Revell offers the fascinating bike as a model kit. Another exciting model is the US Police Motorbike, which is used on the streets of the USA in various police operations to enforce the current traffic rules cool and determined. With both models, one thing immediately catches the eye: the attention to detail.

Stylish motorcycles with numerous details

Revell is generally known for paying close attention to detail when designing model kits and models. This claim is also reflected in the US bikes. They feature numerous details, which are worked out extremely precisely. This is shown, for example, by the two cylinder engine that the US Touring Bike and the US Police Motorbike bring with them. The moving parts, such as the wheels, handlebars and front forks that can be turned, are also euphoric. Among the great highlights of the bikes are the many chrome parts. For example, the handlebars, rims and exhaust pipes of the US Police Motorbike are made of this excellent material, among other things; some parts of the US Touring Bike are also made of chrome.

Many components lead to extra large bikes

As model building fans know, the size of a model is clarified with the help of scale. This indicates how much the respective product measures in direct comparison to the original. Here is a very simple example for those who are not yet familiar with it: At a scale of 1:100, the size of the model is one hundredth the size of the original. With regard to the US bikes, those who are interested benefit from an extraordinary scale: it is 1:8. This means that the motorcycles measure one eighth of the real bikes when assembled - and that is very large. In order to bring the selected Bike in the own four walls well to the Geltung to bring, sufficiently place should be available. Just somehow squeezed in, the bike doesn't look as inspiring as with some distance to other elements in the room. After all, a bike stands for nothing more than freedom.

challenging model kits for the experienced

It's a big challenge, but also a beautiful one, to combine the many components of the bikes into a whole. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware that previous knowledge or some experience in model building is necessary to achieve the desired result. The US Touring Bike and the US Police Motorbike have the level of difficulty 5 - and thus the highest there is. Beginners in model building better start their adventure with a simpler kit, e.g. from the area of airplanes or ships, before they dare to ride a bike.