Heller - Coffret Tour Eiffel(peinture,colle et pi pinceau fournis)

Maßstab: 1:650

Artikelnummer: G1785201
Hersteller-Artikelnummer: 85201

Breite: 188 mm

Höhe: 477 mm

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Mit Farben, Kleber und Pinsel Built for the Universal Exhibition that was to celebrate the centenary and the French Revolution, the Eiffel Tower was born in 1889. From its inauguration, its success is phenomenal, and two million people make the ascent. Since its construction it has received more than 170 million visitors, and today more than 5 million tourists make the climb each year. The life of the Eiffel Tower was not to exceed 20 years. Today, it enters the 21st century. Built of iron, the Tower is protected from oxidation by several layers of paint. It has been repainted seventeen times since its construction, averaging once every seven years. It changed color several times, from red-brown to yellow ocher then brown and finally to today's bronze. It takes almost a year for a team of 25 painters to paint it from top.

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Artikelnummer: 36189
2,85 € * 18 ml | 0,16 €/ml

Artikelnummer: 36184
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Artikelnummer: 36165
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Artikelnummer: 36130
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Maßstab: 1:32

Artikelnummer: 03888
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