Kompressor master class

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The 'master class' compressor is an oil-free double cylinder piston compressor. It works best with our 'master class' spray-guns. It is ideal for airbrush pros and all airbrushing work.

  • Type: Oil-free piston compressor (220 - 240 V / 50 Hz / 145 W)
  • Maximum pressure: approx. 4.4 bar
  • Output in litres of air: approx. 32 l/min
  • Air tank: approx. 2.5 l
  • Noise level: approx. 50 db
  • Extras: Double cylinder, 2 manometers, pressure regulator, water separator, air tank with condensation drain valve, safety valve, automatic switch-off system, carrying handle.

Connectors: Fitted as standard with the connector (1/4 inch) for hoses 38230 (with compressor adapter) and 38250. The compressor adapter is included, but the hoses are not included in the set.

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