TIE Interceptor-Model Kit

Scale: 1:90

Product number: 03603

Age: 10+

Number of parts: 21

Length: 100 mm

Wingspan: 78 mm

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Star Wars the dark side and the empire: TIE-Fighter Interceptor Model

The new Star Wars plastic model kits for gluing and painting now offer model fans from 10 years of age even more crafting fun.

Like all other TIE constructions, this model is also made by the company Sienar-Flottensysteme. The TIE Interceptor was developed as a reaction to the successful X-wing Fighter of the Rebel Alliance and offers higher speed and firepower compared to the TIE standard fighter, recognizable by the hexagonal solar wings on the sides. The dagger-like wings give the agile interceptor an eye-catching appearance, but allow the pilot a much better view to the sides.

The spherical cockpit is similar to that of the standard TIE model, so pilots can change from one type to another quite quickly without long-term training. As usual, the central cockpit is connected via two arms to the side-mounted wings, which are equipped with solar cells. As the Interceptor was developed quite late, one TIE interceptor with a squadron of 12 TIE fighters was usually used. Although therefore numerically more rarely to be found at first, the Interceptor was one of the fastest space fighters of the Empire, which was only surpassed by Darths Vader's fighter in this respect.

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