Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun Maverick with Super Hornet and Tomcat models

Pilot Pete Mitchell took viewers' breath away with his flying skills in Top Gun: Maverick. Thirty years later, Tom Cruise repeated the thrill in the sequel Top Gun 2. The sensational Top Gun models of the former pilot and later Navy instructor are modelled in great detail on their great prototypes in a scaled-down version.

Pete Mitchell in the Super Hornet as a fearless fighter pilot

In the latest film Top Gun: Maverick, fighter pilot Pete Mitchell is seen as a daredevil, performing daredevil manoeuvres in the F A 18 Super Hornet at supersonic speeds. Actor Tom Cruise gets all the flying skill and combat power out of the machine that the Boeing F A-18E Super Hornet is capable of in the service of the U.S. Navy. The replica as a model shows amazing details of the film role models. The cockpit could be operated by miniature pilots just like the big original. On the fuselage there are guided missiles and tanks as external loads. The landing gears are also modelled down to the last detail. Assembling the models is easy with the illustrated assembly instructions. Necessary accessories such as glue, brushes, paints and decals are already included. All parts are made of durable plastic. The sophisticated composition of the model requires some experience with handicrafts of this kind. Therefore, the kits are recommended for children aged twelve years and older.

Worthy successor to the Maverick original with Top Gun 2

In Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise in the role of Pete Mitchell is "just" a pilot, albeit one with nerves of steel and incredible skill with his F 14 Tomcat fighter plane. In the follow-up film Top Gun 2, Pete Mitchell has now become an instructor. He swaps the Tomcat of old for an F A-18E Super Hornet. But his daredevil character has not changed in the film version. Depending on the model, parts of the kits are glued or plugged together using Revell's Easy-Click system. The plug-in versions are also suitable for first model-building experiences from the age of ten. After assembly, your own creativity comes into play. With the help of brushes and paint, in combination with the stickers, unique pieces can be conjured up from each fighter plane.

Top Gun: Maverick - new aviator life in the living room

In his movie missions, Tom Cruise alias Pete Mitchell is the winner in the end. The fighter planes are battered, as are the surviving pilots. But no enemy could do anything against the manoeuvres of the Tomcat and Super Hornet during the action. On the presentation stand, the models also show their superiority. It almost seems as if the viewer could see the determined faces of the fighter pilots in the cockpit at Top Gun Maverick and Top Gun 2. The distinctive engine noise is almost audible in the living room. For fans of the original film, each model makes a great gift. In the hobby room or children's room, the models built and decorated by the proud hobbyists themselves look especially good in front of a wall with "Top Gun: Maverick"movie posters.