Star Wars - Rogue One - Fascination down to the smallest detail

For several decades now, the Star Wars universe has been exerting an incredible fascination on young and old. As the world once created by legendary filmmaker George Lucas continues to grow, new fans are joining in. Who hasn't dreamed of sitting in one of the ingenious space ships and reconquering the galaxy? Revell's extremely detailed models bring fans a little bit closer to this dream. The U-Wing Fighter is a spaceship that many moviegoers from the Star Wars offshoot Rogue One will remember. The combat ship is characterized by comprehensive armament, which makes it possible to land even in highly contested areas. With its extra-strong armor, the U-Wing Fighter is a strong support from heaven, which is indispensable in the fight against the Empire. The special feature of this agile fighter is its pivoting wings. These make it especially agile and versatile. The U-Wing Fighter should not be missing in any fleet. This Fighter is especially interesting for every collector as the latest addition to the first Star Wars addition.

Fun to assemble and play

The Revell products for the film Rogue One have been designed so that even young fans can dedicate themselves to their passion for collecting and star wars, so that even small hobbyists from the age of 6 can complete their spaceship. No glue, no tools and also no color are necessary, in order to give the spaceships the final polish. The assembly of the Rogue One ships, such as the U-Wing Fighter, is also made easier by the fact that the number of individual parts is kept within a manageable frame. This means that these models can be assembled very quickly and easily and are ideal for fun and games. The detailed reconstruction offers varied fun to replay the best scenes from Rogue One. The versatile spaceship from Revell is also supported by the matching sound and lighting effects. In this way, the children's room becomes a fascinating Star Wars world. Revell delivers the batteries for the comprehensive game fun directly, so that the Fighter from Rogue One can be included in the new fleet and start.

A must for fans of the series

The simple plug-in system makes the Revell models from Rogue One perfect for young collectors and true Star Wars fans. The prepainted parts are really very similar to their models. The detailed design and the suitable scale make it possible that the models from the Rogue One series are not only made for the exhibition in a showcase, but guarantee special play enjoyment - whether in the role of a fighter of rebellion or even once on the dark side of power. The added sound and light effects are the highlight of the Revell models from the Rogue One series. These are perfectly based on the large animated original from the film, so that you immediately feel like you are in the familiar situations of the film.