Star Wars - the Master Series from Revell

The Star Wars Master Series picks up vehicles from the world-famous film epic. Young and old fans can use Revell kits, which are available in different difficulty levels, to build space ships and combat ships. This allows you to recreate scenes from the countless conflicts between Yedi knights and representatives of the dark side of power. There are no limits to the imagination; many followers of the "Star Wars" universe come up with new stories themselves.

The Millennium Falcon - a spaceship that sets standards

In the Master Series, Revell presents the legendary Millennium Falcon. This space ship is a modified Korean cargo ship. It is steered by smuggler Han Solo and his hairy friend Chewbacca. The Millennium Falcon belongs to the extremely fast and powerful Space Vessels. The legendary hyperdrive allows the spaceship to escape all pursuers. In addition, the Millennium Falcon has excellent equipment that makes the Corellian freighter a superior combat machine. These include quadruplet cannons and the so-called ground buzzer. The Revell model represents a reproduction of the Millennium Falcon in 1:144 format. Children from about 14 years of age can assemble this level 5 kit, which consists of 93 individual parts, largely without outside help. The kit gives hobbyists the choice of installing the chassis either in the retracted or extended position. The hull of the impressive space ship is reproduced in great detail. In order to use this impressive model as an attractive decorative object, a display stand on which it can be securely fastened is included in the scope of delivery.

Star Wars Build and Play for boundless play and craft fun

Revell offers all trailers from Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Leia Organa and Co. simple kits with uncomplicated assembly instructions. Even children of school age can assemble intergalactic vehicles in this way and then play with them extensively. This collection includes, for example, the Imperial Speed Patroler on a scale of 1:28. Stormtroopers sit on these fast-paced vehicles, whose shape is reminiscent of motorcycles. They use the Speed Patrollers for surveillance tasks. The Revell kit contains two of these space policemen in addition to the high-speed vehicle, which produces authentic engine and combat sounds. Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle, which can be seen in action in the "Star Wars" film "The Awakening of Power", is also popular with small space explorers. Due to the two vertical stabilizer surfaces on the left and right sides, the space ship looks threatening and scary. Boys and girls can assemble this unusual vehicle very easily by putting the 53 individual parts together. The famous Resistance X-Wing Fighter is also very easy to assemble. It is kept on a scale of 1:50 and plays an important role as the standard fighter aircraft used by the rebels in their battles against the first order.

A wonderful hobby for young and old

Model building and playing with the manufactured vehicles enjoys great popularity even in the age of modern media. Whether alone or together with friends, this leisure activity stimulates the imagination and promotes dexterity. Adult model makers appreciate the Star Wars - Master Series and other Revell kits because they can relax while doing handicrafts and dream of distant galaxies.