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Star Wars Episode VIII: Model Kits for Exciting Jedi Adventures

Star Wars Episode VIII was released as a movie in 2007 and deals with the galactic challenges facing the last Jedi Knights. Of course, Luke Skywalker plays a crucial role in the exciting drama of defending the good in space. With the model kits from Revell's Episode VIII, the breathtakingly exciting adventures can be recreated. But the high-quality battleships and space ships such as the A- or X-Wing Fighter are also popular as sought-after collectibles.

Galactic spaceships with many functions as easy-kit model kits

Even small space adventurers can recreate the authentic Star Wars fighters from the age of six. The kits, which have the simplest difficulty level 1, can be easily assembled with the help of plug connections. No tools such as glue, paint or tools are required for these model kits. So even small master builders can work independently. The young generation can achieve their first successes with the lightweight models and test their motor skills. Revell offers attractive Level II model kits for slightly taller boys and girls aged eight and over.

The Resistance A-Fighter

Free play is very important for the development of children of all ages to understand the world, try social interaction and live creativity. Star Wars movies like Episode VIII, which was shown in Germany under the name "The Last Jedi", provide endless inspiration for imaginative play. With the Resistance A-Fighter girls and boys discover space and experience a lot of adventures. The Revell kit includes a space glider with retractable landing legs, a movable cockpit hood and a pilot. It controls the wedge-shaped fighter, which reaches legendary speeds due to its powerful twin engine, skilfully through enemy territory and is optimally equipped for the clashes in space. More model kits from the Revell series Star Wars Episode VIII

The Millenium Falcon is well known to all Star War fans - after all, this space ship has already played in several episodes in its flat form. Revell shows the spaceship, which is preferably flown by Han Solo or Rey, as a 1:164 scale kit. The kit includes batteries that provide energy for the impressive sounds and lighting effects that can be created with the Millenium Falcon.

  The fearsome Heavy Assault Walker also has a 1:164 scale and will delight all boys and girls who support brave Jedi Knights in their fight against the dark side of the Force. Even schoolchildren can assemble the 47 elements according to the instructions. Sensational light and sound effects in the form of a red gun as well as martial combat and movement noises ensure incomparable fun. Like all articles in the Star Wars series from Revell, the kits from the film "The Last Jedi" are distinguished by their robust material quality. Of course, the flying objects and robots of Star Wars Episode VIII are also excellent decorative objects in the children's room.