Exciting space adventures with Revell Modellbau: Star Wars - Episode I-III

The Star Wars movies are legendary. Many fans of the exciting science fiction adventures have seen the cinema classics more than once. Thanks to Revell Modellbau, the futuristic spaceships from the award-winning films can be faithfully reproduced in detail with the series Revell Modellbau: Star Wars - Episode I-III. Revell has a long tradition of innovative model building. Again and again Revell presents vehicle and airplane models on the current state of the art. The range includes a correspondingly surprising variety of kits - from the lovingly designed classic car to the space cruiser of the future. At the same time, Revell continues to develop model building technology. Improved materials, more precise components or innovative techniques such as the Easy-Click system ensure the highest level of craftsmanship.

Build authentic Star Wars spaceships - with Revell models

With its great spaceship models, the model construction specialist Revell not only inspires science fiction fans for this fascinating hobby. Whether model builder or Star Wars enthusiast - the kits for the series Star Wars - Episode I-III are already suitable for young hobbyists from ten years. Each model kit is designed with great attention to detail. The careful design allows easy assembly with high attention to detail. Special attention is paid to the precise reproduction of the weapon systems and the technical equipment of the cockpit. This makes the futuristic fighter pilots look particularly authentic. They are manned with figures of the corresponding pilots and robots. Once the models have been successfully assembled, all that remains to be done is to find a suitable place to set them up. In a showcase, on the desk or next to the multimedia collection, they come into their own.

Jedi knight in space - the fighter pilots of Anakin and Obi Wan

Star Wars - Episode I-III: This is the story of Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The films tell the gripping adventures of the two Jedis, from Anakin's youth to the tragic decision duel between student and mentor. For fans of Star Wars movies, the Revell range includes the agile fighter planes of the two Jedi Knights. The technically highly developed star fighter type Eta-2 is available in two great versions: Anakin's Jedi Starfighter and Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter. Both models are true to scale and detailed replicas of the movie spaceships. With their respective pilots, the matching robots as co-pilots and the individual colour design, they complement each other perfectly as a set. In addition, Star Wars friends can look forward to the model of a second Starfighter flown by Obi Wan in the films.

Battle for the Galaxy: Starship models of the star races

Various types of noise ships of different technologies complete the model series Star Wars - Episode I-III. The powerful, fast Naboo Starfighter is manned with a pilot figure and an R2-D2 model. During the galactic clashes they meet the ARC-170 fighters of the dreaded clone warriors. The Revell model impresses with its detailed weapon systems, wings and engines. From the extensive Republican fleet there are the versatile Republic Gunship and the Republic Star Destroyer for replication. The Venator Destroyer is the largest model in the series. Numerous fascinating details characterize this impressive model spaceship. The dark side of power is represented by the impressive Sith Infiltrator. The model of this beautiful fighter is very easy to build and especially suitable for beginners.