Star Wars model kits for every age group

With the continuation of the legendary Star Wars saga, the Kinowelt unites fans of all ages. The varied Star Wars model building by Revell works similarly across generations. The sets from the exciting trilogies have been faithfully reproduced in detail from the original models. Series followers discover several Star Wars models to build themselves for every episode of the space adventure. With a little tact, individual parts form the Millennium Falcon or literally put an AT-AT on its feet. Thanks to the Revell Junior Kit and Revell easy-click-system product series, the corresponding models are already suitable for children from the age of four. In addition, no glue is required for these rows and many packages are even designed so that they do not suffer any damage while playing.

Well sorted subcategories for fans

Interested parties in the field of Star Wars model making benefit from the clear arrangement of this category. Model kits with Star Wars themes are mainly subdivided according to the individual episodes. Especially the current articles on the films from the 21st century are often marked with the note Build & Play. This is the hallmark of the Revell Junior Kit, which also survives a somewhat rougher treatment when reenacting the original scenes. Thus they are optimally suitable for the new generation and connect play passport with a training of the fine motor skills. Available spaceships include Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter, the Millennium Falcon and Poes X-Wing. From the episode Rogue One the sleek U-Wing is ready. Of course there are also sets for older hobbyists. If these are not provided with an easy-click hint, they are conventional Revell products that can be glued and painted by the user. The subcategory includes the Jedi Starfighter by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan as well as a Star Destroyer. The Star Wars models for do-it-yourself building offer different levels of difficulty.

easy-click system for clean work

As with other theme worlds, Revell is increasingly using the easy-click system for Star Wars model making. This completely dispenses with glue or paint. All individual parts join together completely cleanly. This new option has several advantages, especially for children. A base is no longer necessary and the model kits for Star Wars spaceships can even be used on the move. This is less recommendable for the impressive Millennium Falcon from the Master series, for example. The comprehensive package reproduces Han Solo's faithful 1:144 scale glider, without forgetting any of the attachments that make it one of the fastest gliders in the universe. In combination with the frequently included display stand, the models present themselves attractively on the shelf after assembly. Of course, Revell also has a wide range of products for fans of classic model kits.

Constantly new model kits for Star Wars

Similar to the fantastic saga of popular motion pictures, Revell's Star Wars model building is constantly being expanded. The wide product range includes interesting offers for lovers of the series and takes into account different age groups and interests - and just like the exciting story of the Star Wars, the faithful replicas connect several generations.