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Revell-Technik: Now technology model construction becomes even more interesting

In addition to remote-controlled models with RC technology, Revell has recently started offering its technology enthusiasts further attractive kits with the Revell technology series. The Revell technology kits offer the hobbyist considerably more possibilities than conventional kits. Sophisticated electronics ensure that the models from this series imitate typical functions of the prototype.

With this further development, Revell has responded to the wishes of particularly demanding model builders. There are a whole series of hobbyists for whom the faithful reproduction of technical models is not enough. To make the models even more attractive, they put a lot of effort into equipping conventional model kits with LED technology or other components individually. This additional work is very time-consuming and requires a high level of expertise. With Revell Technik model kits, even less experienced hobbyists have the opportunity to build models with lighting or rotating propellers.

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So far there are three Revell technology kits to choose from. Because the VW Beetle became one of the most important vehicles in the history of the automobile, the developers decided on the VW Beetle 1951/1952 on a scale of 1 : 16. Every car enthusiast knows this vehicle with the striking rear window in pretzel form.

In the field of shipping, the corvettes of the flower class are among the best known representatives. The corresponding Revell model not only looks impressive, it even has lighting and a small electric motor drives the ship's radar.

One of the classics is the JU 88, which has also been included in this series. All three Revell technology kits can be conveniently ordered online in the model shop and delivered directly to your home.

Revell-Technik: sophisticated model kits with guaranteed success

Not every technology enthusiast who is enthusiastic about plastic model making has in-depth knowledge in the field of electronics. If you still want to equip your faithful models with attractive additional functions and bring them to life in this way, you should opt for Revell technology kits. In addition to the components contained in every classic model kit, he will also find electronic components. The electronics ensure that the models perform typical functions of the respective vehicle.

In the Revell technology kit, the VW Beetle model is equipped with additional LEDs for headlights, indicators, instrument panel and brake lights. A control unit ensures that the LEDs light up as in typical driving situations. Those who choose the JU 88 will be thrilled by the authentic cockpit lighting, the position lights and the landing lights. The highlight of this model, however, are two small electric motors that drive the propellers of the fighter aircraft model.

No programming knowledge is required to achieve these effects. The control unit is delivered pre-programmed by the manufacturer. All electronic components are optimally matched to the respective Revell Technik model kit. The required cables are already assembled and provided with connectors. With the help of the detailed instructions, the hobbyist is able to bring the finished model to life.