ModelSet Sukhoi Su-27 SM Flanker

Scale: 1:72

Product number: 64937
Age : 14+
Einzelteile: 210 Länge: 310 mm Spannweite: 206 mm
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The Su-27 Flanker is known worldwide as one of the best fighter aircraft. It has spectacular manoeuvrability which is achieved for example by modifying the wing leading edges. Due to the powerful thrust of its engines the Su-27 is easily able to perform the legendary Cobra maneouver. This air superiority fighter was developed to counter the F-15 Eagle and entered service in 1984. After 1991 the Su-27 modernization program came to a halt. Development was only continued after later export successes. At the end of 2004 the first Su-27 SM's were delivered to front line aviation units. The AL-31 FM engine now produces 13.5 tons of thrust. Maximum speed: Mach 2.15 at 10,000 m (30,000 ft) altitude, weapon load 8 tons.

- Detailed surfaces wit recessed panel joints
- Detailed cockpit with ejection seat and instrument panel
- Pilot figure included
- Detailed air intakes
- Detailed nose and main undercarriage
- Undercarriage can be assembled in the extended or retracted position by choice
- Detailed exhaust cones
- Separate air-brake flap
- 8 external load pylons
- Alamo, Archer and Adder guided weapons as well as Krypton guided weapon
- Standing pilot figure and cockpit ladder
- Separate brake units and engine intake covers

Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Sukhoi Su-27SM Flanker - #06 RF-92210 Russian Air Force 2013
- Sukhoi Su-27SM Flanker - #54 RF-91731 Russian Air Force 2012

Unfortunately this item can not be delivered to Switzerland!

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