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My first RC Car "PEPPA PIG"

Product number: 23203

Age: 2+

Length: 20cm

Brand: Revellino

Radio frequency: MHz

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Peppa Wutz and her family - the children's toy with fun guaranteed.

Children love Peppa Wutz! Peppa is four years old and lives together with Mama Wutz, Papa Wutz and her little brother Schorsch in a beautiful house up on the hill. When the Wutz family visits friends or relatives, goes on a trip or wants to go to the flea market, their red car always takes them safely to their destination. As a high-quality children's toy, the remote-controlled plush car with the plush figures is therefore the biggest hit even with the youngest children.

Children discover the world with Peppa Wutz

Peppa Wutz experiences the most amazing adventures together with her family and her many friends. She loves jumping around in mud puddles with her rubber boots or celebrating birthdays. Peppa loves chocolate cake, costume parties, riding her bike and having a big picnic with everyone.

The lively pig girl in her red dress plays a big role, especially in the youngest children's world of experience. Through short, age-appropriate films, video games, dolls and her own theme worlds in an amusement park, Peppa Wutz has long since become a real celebrity among two- to ten-year-olds. As a children's toy, she is guaranteed to make big eyes on the Christmas or birthday gift table.

With the Revellino My first RC Car "PEPPA PIG", children from the age of two can immerse themselves in the world of Peppa Wutz. Playfully and with an educational added value, they discover with this children's toy everything that their favorite character also discovers. Whether it's looking for daddy's glasses, watering the flowers in the garden with Grandma Wutz or learning to play the flute together with Polly the parrot - thanks to the red family car, Peppa is always there where there's something going on, where there's fun to be had!

Even the youngest children can easily steer the red car with Peppa and her dad in it by remote control, which was specially designed for toddlers. Just two buttons let the car go forward, backward and sideways. And when you press the horn, the well-known original Peppa Pig theme song sounds. Fun that will have every little fan singing along at the drop of a hat.

The figures, car and remote control of this children's toy, with their age-appropriate handling, are precisely tailored to the needs and motor skills of the young target group.

Everything a good children's toy needs

The Revellino My first RC Car "PEPPA PIG" provides hours of fun for two- to six-year-olds and impresses with its exciting combination of remote-controlled car and cuddly plush.

  • The two cuddly plush figures of Peppa Wutz (about 11 cm) and her dad (about 15 cm) are fixed in the car with Velcro and are very easy to remove for playing and cuddling.
  • The car itself is about 20 cm long and appeals to all the senses of the child. It also has a body made of soft quality plush.
  • Easily removable for washing at 30°C. The material prevents scratches and dents on furniture if an "accident" does accidentally happen.
  • Soft rubber tires ensure that there are no annoying driving noises and prevent scratches even on sensitive floors.
  • The remote control of this children's toy (battery-operated, 5 x 1.5 V AA batteries, not included) is designed so that it can be operated intuitively even by the youngest children and trains the understanding of cause and effect. Its range is around 5 meters.
  • Due to its low driving speed, even very young children can control it.
  • Peppa is a particularly curious and playful pig girl. She lives together with mom and dad Wutz and her little brother in a house on a hill. From there, Peppa explores the surroundings together with her friends. Often the whole family is on the road in their little red car.

Remote-controlled plush vehicle for children over 2 years. Car with removable plush figures of Peppa Wutz and Pappa Wutz, fixed by Velcro. Body made of soft quality plush - removable for washing and cuddling! Toddler-friendly remote control and low speed - perfectly controllable even for very young children. With original Peppa Pig sound at the touch of a button

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