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Performance boats from Revell for intoxicating racing fun

Remote-controlled boats inspire every generation - and with the fully functional models in Revell's model shop, you can make fast journeys on the water. Before you buy, you need to consider a number of factors, such as the power of the engine, the range of the remote control and the built-in protective elements.

Find and order boats with powerful engines from Revell

The engine is the heart of a remote-controlled boat. In order to let the model glide quickly over the water, it needs a high engine power. The models in the Revell boat category fulfil this decisive characteristic. One example is the Speed Boat Maxi. It has a 540 electric motor, which ensures long high-speed driving fun on the water. Apart from the fact that it is much more fun to race a powerfully motorised boat, the engine power also determines the waters on which the model can sail: A boat with a weaker engine will do well in quiet pools, a version with a stronger engine will do well on all freshwater waters... 

Range of the remote control as important criterion

Another important feature is the range of the remote control. The question here is how far away the owner can be from the boat in order for it to run through the water. Revell also pays great attention to this feature when manufacturing the remote-controlled boats. The smaller models usually have a length of 15 metres, while the top models allow racing boat fans to move much further away from their boats. The remote control of the Speed Boats Maxi, for example, has a range of no less than 50 metres. Such models are recommended for all those who want to sail their remote-controlled boat on lakes or other larger waters.

Protective elements ensure the desired safety

In remote-controlled boats, safety also plays an important role. After all, toy vehicles are electrical products. One of the protective elements at Revell is a built-in water cooling system. This ensures that the engine does not overheat. In addition, a protective circuit that prevents unintentional starting of the drive outside the water is also useful. The boats are equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery for long hours of driving pleasure.

Remote-controlled boats in a variety of designs

Revell offers lovers of remote-controlled boats models in different designs. Whether classic versions in white, such as the Dolphin speedboat, particularly sporty versions, such as the Race Cat mini boat, or maritime versions in blue, such as the Spring Tide 27 boat: the selection in the online shop is varied. If you buy one of the remote-controlled boats and need one or the other RC spare part over time, take a look at the corresponding Revell category or contact customer service directly. Tip: Used, overhauled boats can also be found in Revell's range at discounted prices. The product is also guaranteed for one year here.

Most articles in this category are suitable for children from about eight years of age, but some models should only be used by adolescents and adults.