Refurbished at Revell - Guaranteed Quality

Before we offer an overhauled product for sale, it undergoes strict quality control and general overhaul. In this way, we ensure that it meets Revell's high quality standards. All RC function models are supplied with our usual one-year manufacturer's warranty.

In individual cases, an article may show slight signs of wear, such as scratches.
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Product number: 238789097
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Product number: 239789097

General overhauled RC functional models: a great offer for price-conscious RC fans and model builders

High quality technology has its price. Anyone who knows a little about remote-controlled models knows this. Nevertheless, no technology lover has to do without owning a high-quality model vehicle with precise remote control. Revell offers overhauled RC functional models at fair prices. Although these models are strongly reduced, the buyer gets a high-quality product with warranty. Why Revell makes these cheap offers is quickly answered: The high-quality technology is far too valuable to simply be disposed of. For beginners, the overhauled models are a good opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the most exciting technology hobbies.

Before a refurbished model goes on sale at Revell, it is put through its paces by experienced specialists. Revell's strict quality criteria also apply to these models. Some products in this category may have slight scratches or other signs of wear, but they are technically flawless. The buyer of overhauled RC functional models does not take any risk. Revell offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty on refurbished RC functional models. If a part is worn out after the warranty period, the favorite model can usually still be saved. Revell has a large range of spare parts at fair prices for its RC models in its online shop.

Quadrocopter greatly reduced

To help customers find what they are looking for, Revell has created a special 'refurbished' category in its online store. It's worth checking back regularly as new and great offers keep coming in. Who discovers something interesting, should not hesitate for a long time - otherwise it could happen that another Sparfuchs gets the bargain.

What can be found in this special assortment is something to be proud of. The range of reconditioned quadrocopters is particularly extensive. Even models like the Quadrocopter "Sky Spider", for which otherwise a three-digit Euro amount would be due, wait here from time to time for a new owner and/or a technikbegeisterte owner. Controlling the flat quadrocopter is child's play. That's why this model is a good choice for beginners who want to gain their first experience with driving drones. If the Quadrocopter should land a little hard during the first flight attempts, this is no problem at all. A stable protective ring cushions even harder impacts reliably.

Remote-controlled cars and ships: Proven classics strongly reduced

But also for lovers of remote-controlled cars or ships, Revell has attractive overhauled models on offer. The classics among the remote-controlled models are by no means old hats, but still highly sought after by model builders of all ages. When walking at the lake or strolling through a larger park, you can almost always observe technology lovers in good weather, with their remote-controlled models a hot race deliver. Whether the RC boat or the offroader with remote control was purchased brand-new or someone controls overhauled RC functional models, then plays no role at all. The main focus here is on technical excellence and driving skills. A scratch on the body will not bother anyone during the competition. The main thing is that the controls work precisely, the batteries last and everyone involved can enjoy the rapid pleasure without a care in the world.

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