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Scale: 1:20

Product number: 00970

Revell Control Junior: Fun for little technology fans

Almost all children love cars. This is especially true for remote-controlled cars, which can be moved as if guided by magic. In such moments not only little boys and girls are fascinated by modern technology. Until now, the world of RC technology was primarily reserved for adults. In order to give even the youngest technology lovers access to this sophisticated technology, the experienced Revell experts have developed the Revell Control Junior product range especially for children from the age of three. Thanks to the extensive range of RC toys, nothing is left to be desired. With the lovingly designed vehicles, every child can exercise their dream job even more realistically than before in the game. And many a father or mother will also like to be there when remote-controlled quadrocopters or remote-controlled ships are extensively tested.  

RC toy that stimulates the child's imagination

Children discover their surroundings in a playful way. They love to imitate all adult activities. They imaginatively imitate crane drivers, policemen or locomotive drivers, which they observe attentively in their everyday lives. In this way, the youngest children develop their motor and mental abilities without any external compulsion. Demanding toys stimulate this exciting learning process in many ways.

Perhaps some parents and grandparents are sceptical whether remote-controlled helicopters or cars are the right toys for children from the age of three. But those who see the glowing eyes of a little boy or girl when she has assembled 'her' crane or 'his' fire engine herself will be infected by the child's enthusiasm. This joy of playing is further enhanced when the vehicle sets itself in motion after successful assembly and can be electronically controlled with the help of a remote control suitable for children. Whether crane truck, locomotive or police vehicle - playing with this sophisticated RC toy is fun for children and adults alike. RC toys never get boring, because they offer many possibilities and stimulate the imagination of the players again and again...

Remote-controlled cars with high-quality technology

The mature technology, which Revell fans have appreciated for decades, ensures that everything functions perfectly on the construction site or on the railway line in the children's room. Each vehicle is equipped with a 2CH-MHz remote control or a 1CH-27MHz remote control. The remote control is adapted so that it can be operated effortlessly by small hands. The very easy control makes it possible to steer the vehicles forwards and backwards or sideways. The range of the control is about five metres, so that the remote-controlled cars can be steered through the entire children's room. Four AA batteries supply the transmitter, a 9 V E block supplies the effective electric motor with sufficient power. This ensures long-lasting fun while playing.

If one of the vehicles stops after a long game because the capacity of the battery is exhausted, the small breakdown assistant with the remote-controlled towing vehicle is used. The 'RC-Junior Towing Service' includes a separate tow truck and a small mini-vehicle.

All vehicles in this range have many moving parts so that a wide variety of functions can be performed. If, for example, the crane truck arrives at the construction site, work on the construction site progresses quickly. In addition, flashing lights create a real construction site atmosphere. The wittily designed RC Junior Locomotive also impresses with its sound.