AirSpinner, schwarz matt

Product number: 24109

Age: 8+

Length: 80 mm

Width: 80 mm

Height: 40 mm

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One toy - many challenges! Take the Air Spinner between thumb and index finger and give it a first swing with your other hand. This is how you transform the lively Air Spinner into Rotation and the motor starts. Here we go:

Challenge no. 1 "Teamplay" - throw the Air Spinner at each other. Who will manage to to catch again with thumb and index finger ?

Challenge No. 2 "Single Mode" - Give the Air Spinner a very special spin when throwing (drift) and he'll come back to you. So your job is to throw AND catch!

Challenge no. 3 "Freestyle" - challenge yourself and others by always Think up, practice and perfect your game variations! But beware - danger of addiction!

The Air Spinner is crash tested. Crashes and collisions do not bother him. And in order to be able to next round of the game, a USB cable is included - so simply attach the Air Spinner to the Recharge your laptop, PC or on the road at your power bank. Available in two colours with cool LED effects.

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Scale: 1:72

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