Funky Bots - extraordinary conversation partners for young and old

The Funky Bots are part of the Revell Control series. They are technically innovative models with literally appealing features. The unique robot figures articulate themselves "on command," talking and laughing.

How the Funky Bots work

To make the Funky Bot talk, babble or laugh, all you have to do is touch it briefly on the forehead. This is the motion sensor that reacts to the stimulus. Immediately the model begins to entertain its owner. Of course, the figure does not express herself in German; rather, she makes herself felt in her own robot language.

All Funky Bots of the Revell Control series are made of robust and stable metal. The body parts of the models are fully movable, which further increases the interaction possibilities. Practical: If the Funky Bots are ignored for a while, they switch off automatically and thus save their power reserves.

To wake up the sleeping Funky Bots, just press a button on the back of your head. The fun starts all over again. By the way, each character also has its own name: You can choose between Marvin, Tobi and Bubble.

About the optical properties

The Funky Bots are truly something to be proud of. Marvin is available in blue and white; Tobi is red-white and Bubble combines pink and white. All three also have black details.

The glowing LED eyes are extremely striking and correspondingly striking, and they also show off to their best advantage in the dark. Each Funky Bot is about 180 millimetres high.

Fun for children and unusual decorative element for adults

Children from the age of three enjoy the trendy Funky Bots. The small model figures invite you to have fun playing. They lie comfortably in the hand and are communicative playmates due to their talkativeness.

With the mini robots role plays can be invented, new worlds conquered and many other missions mastered. The characters stimulate the imagination of the offspring. Thus they can also positively influence the mental development of children. In addition, the moving parts of the Funky Bots promote the motor skills of the little ones.

However, not only the younger generation is enthusiastic about these extraordinary models. Adults who have a sense of humour also enjoy the figures.

The Funky Bots can be used in different ways, especially as toys or unconventional decorative elements. Since the bots are neither big nor heavy, it is easy to transport them - for example when children want to take the figures with them to their friends.